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New Puzzles: January 2018

Welcome to 2018 everyone!  This is an exciting time of year as new releases start hitting fast and furious. I already showed the new Heye puzzles for 2018 (as much as we’ve seen of them anyway). And the new Gibsons. Now let’s take a look at what else has recently hit the market.

For your Edification – A Tip on Saving Shipping Costs:

I used to never order a single puzzle because the shipping cost for just one can be nearly as much as the puzzle itself! Yet I’m not always ready to spend $75 to get free shipping either. That’s why I really enjoy the Puzzle Warehouse’s “Puzzle of the Month” club because it means year-long free shipping. You’ll receive a puzzle each month with Puzzle of the Month club, and when you buy other items at any time, upon checkout you are asked if you’d like to hold that new purchase to ship with your puzzle of the month. Yes! This means I can order a single puzzle and have it sent to me later with my monthly shipment and there’s no shipping fee on it. I also keep a “Wish List” on puzzle warehouse, so when I get my email about my monthly selection, I can easily exchange it for a puzzle I really want. Win/win.

When Puzzles are Out of Stock:

The inventory at Puzzle Warehouse moves quickly, and due to limited warehouse space, only certain amounts of any one titles are brought in at a time. But most of our suppliers replenish rapidly. When a puzzle is out of stock, it’s likely to be back in stock within a week or two. Enter your email address on the out of stock page to be notified when it returns so you can place an order before it’s out again!


January 2018

These are my top picks of the new puzzles that are currently available at Puzzle Warehouse.


TOP PICK #1: “Jewel of Dakkadia” by Nene Thomas, Sunsout, 1000 pieces 

There are a lot of gorgeous new fantasy puzzles from Nene Thomas that just hit Puzzle Warehouse. You can see them all here. But my favorite is this golden summer scene. (Click on any image in this post to see the puzzle on Puzzle Warehouse.)

TOP PICK #2: “The Witching Hour” by Geoffrey Tristram, Cobble Hill, 1000 pieces  

I love Geoffrey Tristam’s cat puzzles, so I’m excited to see a few new images hit the market from Cobble Hill, particularly a witchy Halloween-themed one. It’s perfect!

TOP PICK #3: “The Bakery” by Steve Crisp, White Mountain, 1000 pieces  

I love Steve Crisp, and this new puzzle has a nice combo of landscape, fonts/signs, and colorful pastries.


More new puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse this month



Sunsout just released a whole bunch of new puzzles for 2018. This is one of their best line-ups in ages.

“Love Lifted Me Up” by Chuck Pinson, 1000 pieces 

I did my first Chuck Pinson puzzle last year and really loved the bright color. This new one from Sunsout is amazing.

“Eight Immortals , 1000 pieces 

I loved Sunsout fan-shaped puzzle, “Japanese garden” (see my review here), and this new fan-shaped puzzle has a lovely vintage Japanese image.

“Orchids with Mantis” and “Who Sat Down First?” by Susan Brabeau, 1000 pieces 

Sunsout has had some wonderful Susan Brabeau puzzles in the past few years. This month brings two outstanding additions, See my review of Susan Brabeau’s “And the Winner Is…” here.

“A Country Church” and “Country Farm” by Joseph Burgess, 500 pieces each

These two folk art puzzles are filled with color and pattern.

“Concubine”, “Jewel of Dakkadia”, and “Earth Moon” by Nene Thomas, 1000 pieces 

There are a number of new Nene Thomas puzzles in Sunsout’s 2018 line-up. These are three of my favorites.

“Something Squirrly” and “Groundhog Day”, 1000 pieces each

Love these two new shaped puzzles from Sunsout.

“Sunflowers and Goldfinches” by Nancy Wernersbach, 1000 pieces 

This puzzle looks so sunny and bright, and the repeating elements will make it a good challenge for long winter days.

“Texas!” by Maria Rabinky, 1000 pieces 

This fun, colorful map will please geography buffs or your Aunt Edna in Texas.

“Summer Memories” by Sam Tim, 550 pieces 

I love Sam Tim’s bird images and this is the nicest one I’ve seen. Gorgeous.

“The Backbone of America” by Ryan and John Lean, 1000 pieces

I love the fresh art style on this one. Cool use of perspective.

“Shining Lights” by Mark Keathley, 1000 pieces 

Love this winter image of snow and light.

“Garden Neighbors” by Nancy Wernerbach, 1000 pieces

I love the color combo on this one. It will certainly brighten up a long winter night.

“Fairy Door” by Garry Walton, 1000 pieces

A stunning fantasy image.



“Marmaduke” and “Witching Hour” by Geoffrey Tristram, 1000 pieces

Geoffrey Tristram’s cat images have been made into puzzles by Masterpieces. But it looks like Cobble Hill is picking up some of them. I love the detail in these images. The Witching Hour makes a good Halloween puzzle too.

“New Day” by Mark Keathley, 1000 pieces

A gorgeous nature image.

“Family Tree”, 1000 pieces

Truly outstanding nature image. The subtle colors and repeating patterns will be a challenge. Are you up for it?


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