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Dedication to My Mom

In the words of the great Meghan Trainor ‘You might have a mom, she might be the bomb, but ain’t nobody got a mom like mine. Her love’s till the end, she’s my best friend, ain't nobody got a mom like mine’.

My mom is my best friend. My biggest fan, my biggest supporter, and my biggest defender if there is even a whiff of someone who has done me wrong! And with utterly no bias, I have to say my mom is the very best, there’s no one better, she is my ride or die! She is thoughtful and smart, funny and dedicated, and amazingly selfless. She has worked tirelessly her whole life to make my life better, and I am so very grateful for her each and every day!

Amanda puzzling as a child

Amanda loves puzzles

I’m sure it comes as no big surprise that my parents gave me my first puzzle when I was about three- and that was about all she wrote (sorry for the super fuzzy photos- I had to capture them from a video waaaay back from 1988!). From there, I have pretty much always been a puzzler. But my mom just started puzzling recently, and it has been such an incredible and fun experience to have her to talk to about all things puzzles! We discuss puzzle brands, puzzles images and quality, and she’s very proud of the fact that I get to write blogs for Puzzle Warehouse every month!

Momma's Kitchen

Momma's Kitchen by Master Pieces

Dedication to My Mom

Momma's Kitchen by Master Pieces

So this month, I thought I would dedicate these blog puzzles to moms all around the world! Maybe you can get some early ideas for Mother’s day, or birthdays, or any other day you want to celebrate your mom! I started with this 1000 piece MasterPieces puzzle titled Momma’s Kitchen.

First- MasterPieces linen puzzles are some of my favorites. There’s just something about their linen pieces and their random cut that makes the puzzles both challenging, but incredibly satisfying to piece together. They have a good piece fit, and the colors really pop! I definitely think these sweet treats look good enough to eat!


Watermelon cupcake

Second, I had to dedicate this puzzle to my mom because she is such a great cook! For some reason, she does not believe this, but I don’t think she has ever made a bad meal. My mom got up every single morning when I was in middle school and high school to cook me breakfast. As an adult, I cannot tell you how much I look back on those days and appreciate her selflessness! I wish I had had enough sense to value this when I had it! My best friend from high school also just recently told me how much she enjoyed and appreciated the home cooked dinners my mom would often invite her to, she still remembers my mom’s signature dish: Momma Faye’s chicken and mashed potatos!   

Me & Mom

Me & Mom by Magnolia

Me & Mom puzzle

Me & Mom by Magnolia

The next puzzle I got to do was this amazing puzzle titled Me and Mom by Magnolia Puzzles. This was my first puzzle by this brand, and WOW- I was blown away! The matte pieces are just so luxurious to handle, and the piece fit is mind blowingly good. This is always hugely advantageous for me, because I often do puzzles in sections, and then need to move those sections to their final destination, and puzzles with stellar piece fits make my life so much easier. I definitely did this puzzle in sections, and it was easy breezy to move those sections where they needed to go!

puzzle pick up test

Also- can we take a minute to just marvel at this artwork? The very first time I saw a puzzle feature the artwork of Romi Lerda- I was stunned. It is now my mission to try and collect every single one of her artworks in puzzle form! 

puzzle in progress

finished puzzle close up

My mom and I aren’t huge Addams Family fans, but there is an Addams Family musical, and let me just tell you, my mom and me? We are HUGE Broadway musical fans. To be fair, I think this flame was fanned in huge part to my dad as well. He actually came up with a game we love- often my mom and I will be puzzling or coloring or diamond arting (can I make that a verb?), and my dad will play us random music from a myriad of different musicals and shows and the first one to name the song, wins. He came up with this game, and we LOVE to play it!

The 1950s puzzle

The 1950s by Re-Marks

1950s puzzle box

My very last puzzle that I get to dedicate to my mom is this super fun collage puzzle by Remarks titled 1950s. Why would this puzzle remind me of my mom, you ask? I’m certainly not going to say it, but I will give you a hint: April is my mom’s birthday month, and this blog is an early birthday present for her! 😊

I can’t believe I didn’t get around to puzzling an animal puzzle this month! My mom is a HUGE animal lover, and I definitely believe the reason I’m a veterinarian is because she instilled this trait in me from a very young age! But I absolutely love this Hello Animals of the World Family Puzzle from Chronicle Books.

Hello Animals of the World

Hello Animals of the World by Chronicle Books

This NYPC puzzle Here’s to You, Mom, is just adorable, and I think it would be so much fun working on it with your whole family! 

Here's to You, Mom puzzle

Here’s to You, Mom by New York Puzzle Company

Everyone deserves to have someone who loves you indefinitely, who is always by your side, who will be there before you even ask them to, and is ready to go all ‘mama bear’ if and when needed. 

Mom- I love you so much, and I dedicate this blog to you! Happy birthday- I hope it is truly an amazing one!

Amanda with her mom

Me and My Mom

Happy puzzling, my Jigsaw Junkies!

Amanda @600hoursofpuzzle

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Darcie - CT

Fun blog Amanda, nice job! We recently visited Puzzle Warehouse with the intentions of only buying one puzzle because generally I like old (vintage ‘40s, ‘50s) puzzles better. But we ended up buying 4, the selection was so impressive!

5 Stars
Lisa J. - Windermere, FL

What a lovely tribute to your mom!

5 Stars
Barbie W. - Chincoteague Island, VA
5 Stars

Happy Birthday Amanda's mom! And thanks for the info on Masterpieces! I've never tried that brand but if you like it, I might!

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