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Falling in Love with Josephine Wall

Falling in Love with Josephine Wall

collage of images

Collage of Josephine Wall images

Josephine Wall is one of my favorite puzzle artists. Her artwork is so enchanting and beautiful. She has had a passion for light and color, fantasy and visual storytelling since childhood. She uses acrylic paint to create her fantasy images and spends about 3 weeks on each piece. She is known for hiding images or faces within her artwork.

Buffalo Games does a wonderful job producing these images. The colors are rich and many of them have a fancy glitter finish! 

Now, before you start worrying about leaving a trail of glitter behind you for the remainder of 2024, I assure you the effect is subtle and the glitter adheres well to the puzzle where it belongs. It’s just an extra pretty embellishment. Take Melody in Pink: 

I started this puzzle with a good sort. I don’t usually like to spend time sorting, but sometimes with 1000 pieces or more it makes all the difference. I sorted this by color/feature: yellow, pink, piano and stairs/banister.

I first assembled the edges, and the starry sky. With the above pieces sorted out already it was easy to find the sky pieces and plug them in.

puzzle in work

Next I went for yellow - the left side had greenery and vines so this was easy to distinguish from the lighted area on the right. 

puzzle in work

After the yellow, I put together the piano, which was beautifully bedazzled with glitter highlights. 

puzzle in work

Finally, I added in the pink of the dress and started filling in the woman’s skin and hair. 

puzzle in work

The remaining pieces also came together by color - the purple sky and the green/blue plants and flowers. I love the details in the background: the elegant woman on the balcony, the peacock on the left, and the face in the base of the piano at the bottom.  This was actually one of the easier Josephine wall puzzles, and I finished it in about 4 hours over 3 days. 

Melody in Pink completed puzzle

Melody in Pink by Buffalo Games 

In contrast, the hardest Jo Wall puzzle I have done (so far!) is the 2000 piece Titania. I took a trip down memory lane to February 2022 when I tackled the beautiful beast! Thank goodness for the archives of Instagram. I actually approached it similarly to Melody in Pink, sorting by color and doing the lighter yellow/gold first.

puzzle in work

Then I filled in the green leaves and vines, purple flowers, and animals and figures in the bottom. But the wings and hair definitely gave me pause! 

puzzle in work

crazy pieces

I managed to power through and the end result is so worth it. I’m speechless! The colors, the details… it’s stunning

Titania completed puzzle

Titania by Buffalo Games

I hope this blog has enticed you to try the work of this talented artist. If you’re wondering which of her masterpieces I will approach next, I’m planning on Enchanted Flute and A Bevy of Butterflies. The former looks like it will be one of her easier puzzles with the variety of colors and textures. I love the details - bubbles that look like planets, butterflies, castles, and a giant seashell. The latter puzzle looks like a dark and captivating challenge with secrets to unfold. You can see silhouettes of couples dancing in the young woman’s hair and a stairway by her neck.

Enchanted Flute puzzle

Enchanted Flute by Buffalo Games

A Bevy of Butterflies puzzle

A Bevy of Butterflies by Buffalo Games

As always, happy puzzling!




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5 Stars
Brian - St. Louis

They are beautiful, but pretty challenging I think. It was nice to read about how you attach putting the image together.

5 Stars
Sylvie L. - Quebec, QC

I love, i love, i love

5 Stars
Kathleen P. - Vernal, UT

Absolutely beautiful!

5 Stars
Amanda K. - Cincinnati, OH

Love her puzzles, but they are quite challenging! Great blog Alyssa!

5 Stars
cynthia - michigan

I have over 30 of her puzzles. Please make new ones available, they are beautiful.

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