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Happy Camper

It started out innocently enough. Since we purchased our camper eight years ago, I’ve always considered it to be my guilt-free getaway. The place where I can indulge in all the books, art projects, long walks with the dogs and naps that I want, away from all the stuff I should be doing when I’m home. Now that we have a year-round spot along the river just 30 minutes away, I’ve dubbed the camper my Growlery, defined as “a place of refuge or sanctuary for use while one is out of sorts or in an ill humor.”

A couple years ago I took a few jigsaw puzzles to the camper that I’d had for a while and never gotten around to. It was so relaxing to sit by the window and watch the birds at my feeders in the tree just a few feet away while I put a puzzle together. And a perfect way to wind down the evening listening to the owls and coyotes singing along the river. So I bought a few more. Heck, if it’s so relaxing at the camper, why not go ahead and do some puzzles at home, too? Many months and many, MANY puzzles later, I’ve exceeded camper capacity and now indulge in puzzles (not quite so guilt-free) at home, too.


Dawn's Happy Camper


Needless to say, camping themed puzzles are a big favorite of mine, and there are certainly plenty to choose from! Whether your idea of camping is hanging out in a travel trailer like mine, roughing it in a tent in the backcountry, or glamping (glamour camping) in a well-appointed cabin with all the amenities, there’s a puzzle for it! One of the first I purchased, and still one of my favorites is Hitting the Road from Cobble Hill. It has so many great details of camping in all seasons in a classic “canned ham” camper, a pop-up, or a tiny teardrop with an outdoor kitchen with buddies along for the adventure. I love that Halloween décor!

Hitting the Road puzzle

Hitting the Road by Cobble Hill

It’s summer, so time to load up the Beachtime Camper with the dog, the grill, a guitar, and a surfboard or two and head to the beach. This 550 piece puzzle from Vermont Christmas Company is fun and whimsical, with an array of patterns and random-cut pieces for a bit of a challenge. The artwork by Randy Wollenmann makes for a perfect summer puzzle.

Beachtime Camper

Beachtime Camper by Vermont Christmas Co.

Instead of having the sea and surf a few steps away, maybe lakeside camping is more your style. MasterPieces 550 piece Greetings From the Lake is a colorful collage puzzle with rustic signs that made me reminisce about traveling to the north woods of Minnesota the whole time I was putting it together. You’ve gotta love the bear family heading out in their woodie wagon with a canoe packed with camping gear!


Greetings From the Lake puzzle

Greetings From the Lake by MasterPieces

Whether it’s camping on a beach, near a lake, in the mountains, in the desert or somewhere in between, Ceaco’s Happy Camper puzzles are some of my favorites. This is such a fun series, I’ve had to collect them all. Most are 300 count large piece, perfect for a rainy afternoon in the camper or for family puzzle night, since the kids will love the bright colors and all the details. Since I really enjoy larger puzzles, I was so happy when they released the 750 piece Wine Country Camper.


Wine country Camper puzzle

Wine Country Camper by Ceaco

If you can’t decide on a favorite from all their designs, you don’t have to! The Happy Camper 5 In 1 Multipack is a great deal with a great variety! Two 300 piece, two 500 piece (including a round puzzle) and a 750. Perfect!

Happy Camper

 Happy Camper 5 In 1 by Ceaco

Another series I’ve really enjoyed are the Campside puzzles from MasterPieces. They feature a variety of 300 piece colorful camping scenes. Glamping Style is the ultimate in tent camping—with a comfy bed on a deck overlooking a lake with a hot breakfast and some wine to enjoy later!


Glamping Style puzzle

Glamping Style by MasterPieces

For true tent camping, Hiker’s Dream is the other extreme—roughing it in the wilderness with only the essentials.


Happy Camper

Hiker’s Dream by MasterPieces

If you’re looking for the perfect puzzle for the tiniest camper, or one that will take up virtually no room in your backpack while you’re trekking to that perfect site to set up your tent, Micro Puzzles are the answer! These fun little 150 piece gems couldn’t be more portable! They come in a tube you can slip in your pocket, and their finished size is just 4”x6”! How about taking Joshua Tree on your next adventure—camping or otherwise—for whenever you need a quick puzzle fix?


Joshua Tree puzzle

Joshua Tree by Micro Puzzles

Whether you boondock miles from civilization, or never get beyond your backyard, it just isn’t camping without roasting marshmallows over a blazing fire. MasterPieces Toasty is the perfect puzzle snack!

Toasty puzzle

Toasty by MasterPieces

Odds are while you’re reading this I’m probably at the “Growlery,” listening to the birds while indulging in yet another puzzle and being one happy camper! Have a great summer!

Dawn @5wolves

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JP - Fairfax, VA
5 Stars
Lisa J. - Windermere, FL

I love camping puzzles too - great picks and enjoyed the blog!

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Joan D. - Saint Louis, MO

So glad you share your good puzzles with the group and I have also found a new puzzle company so many thanks.

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