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Once Upon a Fairytale-ish Puzzle

Once upon a time in a not so far away land, there lived an introverted princess named Princess Puzzles. Princess Puzzles loved telling stories and writing stories, but the one thing she loved even more than that was puzzles. That’s right. Princess Puzzles just adored them. She puzzled day and night and night and day. In fact, Princess Puzzles puzzled so much that the others in the kingdom worried that she might run out of puzzles. But the truth was that Princess Puzzles knew something that other others didn’t. She found her never-ending supply of puzzles at one place and one place only…Puzzle Warehouse.

She couldn’t just puzzle any ordinary puzzle. After all, she was a princess. Princess Puzzles wanted puzzles that exude royalty, imagination, and the feeling of “happily ever after” endings. She searched all the puzzles that Puzzle Warehouse had to offer until she loaded up her cart with her most favorite fairytale puzzles. Are you wondering what she got? Lucky for you, Princess Puzzles loves to share her puzzle treasures with all, so here’s what she found:

MasterPieces offers a collection of Fairy Tales puzzles including Fairytale Friendship. That’s right, a series just about Fairy Tales!

Fairytale Friendship puzzle

Fairytale Friendship by MasterPieces

This 1,000-piece puzzle portrays the epitome of a fairy tale complete with castles,

castle section

unicorns, and of course a princess. It’s no wonder Princess Puzzles was drawn to this one.

unicorn section

Fairytale Friendship completed puzzle

Fairytale Friendship by MasterPieces

Oh, how Princess Puzzles couldn’t get enough, she had to try out at least one more Fairy Tale puzzle by MasterPieces. So, she decided to solve Rapunzel, another 1,000-piece puzzle.

Rapunzel puzzle

Rapunzel by MasterPieces

This had delicate birds and…

Fairytale puzzle

misty rainbows.

Fairytale puzzle

Of course, a Rapunzel puzzle wouldn’t be complete without her long shiny mane of blond hair.

Rapunzel puzzle completed

Rapunzel by MasterPieces

Masterpieces’ puzzles have tight piece cuts which are ideal for any puzzle pickup enthusiast. Because of this, Princess Puzzle decided to stand on her castle’s balcony and present the puzzles to her kingdom by performing a puzzle pickup. She held them up high for all the kingdom to admire.

But she didn’t stop there because she yearned for yet another fairy tale-inspired puzzle. After all, she didn’t get the name Princess Puzzles for nothing. She decided to solve Educa’s 500-piece puzzle entitled Fairy and Unicorn.

Fairy and Unicorn puzzle

Fairy and Unicorn by Educa

Although the piece cut wasn’t suitable for a pickup, the beloved princess still enjoyed solving this one. The flowers framed the edge like a floral picture frame.

Fairy and Unicorn completed puzzle

Fairy and Unicorn by Educa

The pink-purple mountains anchored the distant rainbow.

rainbow in the puzzle

Her favorite part of this puzzle was the butterflies throughout along with the dots of sparkling lights that really seemed to glow.

Fairytale puzzle

The coolest thing about this puzzle is that it even comes with a packet that you can use to mix and glue the puzzle.

Princess Puzzle felt magical when she completed these puzzles. She loved Ravensburger’s 100-piece Rainbow Castle puzzle, especially so she can share it with the younger members of her kingdom. She was dazzled by the Vermont Christmas Company’s 100-piece  Famous Fairy Tales puzzle, because it encompassed all the classic fairy tales. The nostalgia brought her such joy. And when she was in a powerful mood, she solved Ravensburger’s 150-piece puzzle, Cutaway Castle which had a gothic-feel.

Princess Puzzles wanted to share the happiness that her puzzles brought her. So, not only did she share her secret source for puzzle supplies (i.e., Puzzle Warehouse) with her kingdom, but she also wanted to share all the fairytale-inspired puzzles that Puzzle Warehouse has to offer with YOU. Yes, you can explore them here and purchase your own to bask in the enchantment they bring.

You may not live in a magical kingdom, and you may not even have a unicorn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get lost in the mystical artwork that fairy tale puzzles provide. Even if you’re not a princess like Princess Puzzles, be sure to make time for yourself to puzzle.

Jaime @introvertedpuzzler

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