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Mini Mayhem!

In the Puzzle World, a mini puzzle generally refers to a puzzle with 100 pieces or less. However, there are some who say that any puzzle with 300 pieces or less qualifies as a mini puzzle. We will thus apply the #1 Rule of Puzzling which is “Puzzling is Meant to Be Fun!” So if a mini puzzle is 300 pieces or less AND you’re having fun, then 300 piece puzzles can officially be considered a mini puzzle!

Mini puzzles have many aliases. They can be referred to as “Snack Sized”, “Snackers”, “Puzzle in a Tube”, “Fun Size”, “On the Go”, and “MiniPix” puzzles.

Here are some examples of mini puzzles.

Collage of Mini Puzzles


Mini puzzles are great traveling companions. It is so easy to tuck a Puzzle in a Tube in your backpack or bag for some quick puzzling when you’re not at home.

Peanuts Tube Mini Puzzle

Peanuts Baseball Puzzle in a Tube  |  Aquarius  |  150 pieces


On the Go puzzles feature art by indigenous artists. I am super fond of these little gems for their reusable tins and the large, colorful pieces.

On the go puzzle

On the Go Puzzles  |  Indigenous Collection  |  72 pieces


I love that MiniPix puzzles come in a clear plastic case that is the size of a pack of playing cards. The pieces have a rounded random cut and are just the right amount of glossy.

MiniPix puzzle

The Bedroom MiniPix Puzzle  |  Pigment & Hue  |  140 pieces


Lego even makes a Mystery Minifigure mini puzzle! There is a surprise mini puzzle in each box and there are 6 puzzle designs to collect. We got lucky and got the Hot Dog Guy on our first try!

Lego Mystery puzzle

Lego Mystery Minifigure Mini Puzzle (Red Edition)  |  Chronicle Books  |  120 pieces


The term mini puzzle can also refer to how big the pieces are. The World’s Smallest Jigsaw Puzzles range in size from 200 pieces to 1000 pieces and their pieces are t.i.n.y!! See below for a comparison of four tiny pieces compared to four regular pieces. 

The piece cut is a ribbon 2x2 cut, so you might want to start out with a 200 piece puzzle and work your way up to a 1000 piece mini masterpiece!

World's Smallest candy mini puzzle

World’s Smallest Rainbow Candy Mini Puzzle  |  MasterPieces  |  1000 pieces

pieces of cany mini puzzle


Mini puzzles also make a perfect gift! They are just the right size to send in the mail, give to a friend, use as a stocking stuffer, or give as a secret santa gift. This Galison mini puzzle even provides a space to write a gift message on the back of the box.

Galison mini 100 piece puzzle

The Tidings  |  Galison  |  100 pieces


And the best mini puzzle deal of the year? Puzzle Advent Calendars! They contain 24 mini puzzles with anywhere from 50-100 pieces each.

Advent calendar mini puzzles

 Advent Calendar Funny Animals  |  Eurographics  |  24 puzzles, 50 pieces each


You may ask, “When do people do mini puzzles?” A few possibilities: On an airplane. On a car trip (use a puzzle tray). Outside. Waiting for an appointment. For a quick feeling of accomplishment. To unwind. To start your day off right. And one of my favorites, to practice self care (like the #selfcarepuzzlingmarathon on Instagram).


I hope you add a few mini puzzles to your puzzle collection this year! And remember … subscribe to the Jigsaw Junkies blog for all things Puzzle!

Tracy @16feet 

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Alyssa Z. - Stevenson Ranch, CA

Great post! And hooray for hot dog guy!

5 Stars
Sam I Am - Minnesota/Iowa boarder

Great post!! I'm definitely getting some mini puzzles !! Found some vintage puzzles in the attic of the old farmhouse..those should be fun to do!! I hope there are no pieces missing!! Nothing like doing a puzzle and finding out a piece is missing lol 🤣

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