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National Find a Rainbow Day

I’m a total sucker for rainbows, gradients, and cutesy things. When I learned that there was actually a day dedicated to rainbows, I immediately jumped on learning all about it so I can use it as an excuse to puzzle all of my favorite kind of puzzles. Hence my blog topic for this month. Doesn’t it just scream such a cheery day? But, the thing that made this hard is that I have SOOOOO many puzzles that would technically fall into the “rainbow” category. It was a challenging job, but I managed to narrow down my list to just a handful. 

April 3rd was National Find a Rainbow Day which is a day where you can participate in rainbow-related activities. Of course, spotting a rainbow would be the most obvious choice, however these activities can also include rainbow crafts, learning about the science behind rainbows, or just doing something as simple as a rainbow puzzle-which I’ll get to in a minute.

Before I delve into the puzzle portion of this blog, I decided to research a little further about the science behind rainbows and wanted to share a fun fact that I learned. According to National Geographics, rainbows are actually a full circle.  I’ve always thought that they were an arch like they’re depicted in most photos. This is because we’re viewing them from the ground and only part of the circle is visible (thanks LiveScience.com for explaining).  This really blew me away.  I totally think that from now on every image of a rainbow needs to be circular. That would really throw people off. But back to the topic at hand…

I felt it was my duty to gather the best rainbow-ish puzzles from Puzzle Warehouse and share them with you.  It was a tough job, but someone had to do it (ha-ha).   They have such an extensive collection of rainbow puzzles. As a matter of fact, when I searched “rainbow puzzles” on their website, it produced 296 puzzles to be exact.

First, was one that has been on my wish list forever. It’s none other than Galison’s 7 Days of Mindfulness. I’ll try not to say it 100 times throughout this blog post, but I absolutely LOVE gradient puzzles. This one is so sweet and different than others, because it contains 7 mini gradient puzzles in one.

7 Days of Mindfulness puzzle

7 Days of Mindfulness by Galison

I’m not going to lie…when I first opened the box, the seven 70-piece puzzles were all mixed together. But have no fear, the backs are color coded so you can sort them easily. A process that is also relaxing.

puzzle box and colored backs

I love that the box has an insert that separates all the puzzle pieces for each day, too.

puzzle box

They were really fun to put together and so super cute.  How perfect would this be to bring with you to work so you can puzzle it on your lunch break each day?!? It’s perfect, because each mini puzzle is quick, easy, and relaxing to put together. Mindfulness, people, after all!

section of puzzle

section of puzzle

Next up was Sensing Colors. Like I mentioned, I have a lot of puzzles and I mean A LOT. This collection of mine has made me a little more particular about what I purchase nowadays (“a little” is the key word in this sentence). However, without hesitation, I purchased Sensing Colors as soon as I saw it on Puzzle Warehouse’s site.

Sensing Colors puzzle

Sensing Colors by Galison

Just look at it. It’s a gradient puzzle, but with a slightly increased complexity. The flowing sections of colors are pure eye candy.  Artist Jessica Poundstone is awesome, too. Her artwork represents what one can see versus what they cannot (as the title implies). Galison included a background of the artwork which provided insight into her inspiration for it.

section of puzzle

section of puzzle

Springbok’s Crafty colors, is a, is a 500-piece, round puzzle. I mean how perfect was this following my newly found knowledge that rainbows are really round?!? I wish that I could say that I planned this, but it was purely by accident.

Crafty Colors puzzle

Crafty Colors by Springbok

This was probably the fastest one I put together (next to the 70-piece ones). If you haven’t tried a Springbok, I highly recommend it. Their piece cuts are so fun and unique and offer a next-level of fun puzzling experience. It’s nothing like any other.

puzzle pieces

Section of puzzle

Hazel loved it and she fit perfectly with the edge. (Disregard my wonky circle).

cat in the puzzle circle

Hazel in the circle :)

One more…Galison’s Trina Turk Multipack is three separate rainbow puzzles in one. So gorgeous! Similarly to the 7 Days of Mindfulness, these also have different color backs to differentiate the 3 rainbow puzzles. 

Trina Turk puzzles

Trina Turk Multipack by Galison

I like how she switched up the traditional rainbow colors and focused on color combos that just work visually. Total eye candy.

puzzle minis

zoom of mini

They coordinate with each other yet are beautiful on their own. 

Before I go, I’d like to share some more rainbowy puzzles.

Jonathan Adler Rainbow Hand is a 750-piece rainbow puzzle by Galison. It’s shaped, and as you can see, it brings a different vibe than the others mentioned. 

rainbow puzzle

Jonathan Adler Rainbow Hand by Galison

Check out the last few interesting finds from Puzzle Warehouse- Rainbow Toy Cars, Gradient Moon Puzzle, 1000 Colours Wheel, and Rainbow. Your options are endless. 

Hope each of you had a cheery National Find a Rainbow Day. If it doesn’t rain by you and you don’t get to find a real rainbow, you might want to consider having fun with a rainbow puzzle. But whatever you do, make time to puzzle! : ) 

Jaime  @introvertedpuzzler

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