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National Kitten Day

Didn’t I write about kittens, just recently? Well, I think National Kitten Day is the perfect reason to be writing about them again!  Those who read my December blog were introduced to my two current cats, Meeko and Miss Piggy. As much as I love those two troublemakers, this blog won’t be about them. Today you’ll be meeting the cats of my past.

There hasn’t been a time in my adult life that has been cat-less. When I got my first apartment, I got my first cat. And my history with cats goes even further back than that. I remember when I was in elementary school there were a couple of cats in our house. The first was an orange tabby named Daniel. I loved that cat, and was devastated when he wandered off one day. We didn’t see him again for a full year, until he suddenly reappeared, walking up the driveway like he’d never been gone!

While Daniel was away, we picked up a white & orange medium haired cat named Cinnamon, and he was a real stinker - literally. That cat had the smelliest gas of any pet I’ve ever had! Thinking of blaming the dog? Don’t do it. Blame Cinnamon! 

Speaking of stinkers, here’s a kitchen full of them. This image is published by at least three different companies. Here at PuzzleWarehouse you can pick up the 750 piece or a 300 piece version from Buffalo Games and get a good close look at what these little fur balls are up to. It’s called Kitten Kitchen Capers, and is a quick, fun solve for an afternoon.

Kitten Kitchen Capers puzzles

Kitten Kitchen Capers (750) or (300) by Buffalo Games

When Cinnamon passed, I was catless for a few years during college. I was too busy to have a pet, and I don’t think the school would have liked one in the dorm. For those four years it was human friends only. But, once I got into a post-college apartment, I was right back to cats!

A visit to the local PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society) office saw me going home with a black shorthair kitty with a lightning bolt tail. They told me his tail had been bent during birth, and would be that way for life. This little guy was nameless for his first two weeks with me. Then, one day, I was looking in a cabinet and a little black kitten head kept bumping into my ankle. I looked down and told him, “If you keep bonking my leg, I’m just going to name you that.”

He did, and I did. His name was Bonk, and he was with me for a full 20 years. In his honor, I did this 1000 piece puzzle from Heye called simply, Black Kitty. As with the other Heye puzzles I’ve done, this one was excellent quality, and a lot of fun to solve.

Black Kitty

Black Kitty by Heye

A year after adopting my Bonkie, I went to the petting room at the Humane Society. Big mistake. I have never left that room empty handed. And that day I went home with a long-haired brown cat named Sara. I don’t have a picture at hand, but she was a beauty. She was also very fond of cuddling with dad. There were many nights I would lie on the floor, with Sara curled up on top of me. So for her I have this puzzle from Educa called “Sweet Kittens”. It’s only 500 pieces, but took longer than most that size because of the fur. Oh, the fur!

Sweet Kittens

Sweet Kittens by Educa

The next feline to join the family came courtesy of my daughter, whose friend had rescued a cat that needed a home. The friend couldn’t keep her, so that’s how Abby became part of our clan. Three cats at once was definitely a handful, especially as Sara got older (and went deaf), and Abby decided her official position was “torturer.” All in all, though, it was a happy kitty family of three, like the one shown in this absolutely gorgeous Heye puzzle from Rosina Wachtmeister, called “Flowerbed”.


Flowerbed by Heye

Even with these four puzzles done, I’ve left out one very important cat. I don’t have a puzzle for him, but he has always been my wife’s favorite. When we were first married, a neighbor’s cat started hanging out at our place. His owners didn’t want him in their house because he fought their other cat so, when we moved, Boner went with us. And don’t blame us for the name – he had it when we took him in. He was only with us a few more years, but he was quite the personality. RIP Boner - your puzzle is coming soon.

Happy Puzzling.

Phil (aka Puzzle Buster)

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Anne - So. Cal

I remember Daniel & Cinnamon, but not the details of them. Was your Sarah the one who always hid under the comforter? Best cat I ever had was my Pippi, the very sweet, loveable Calico I had for 18½ years! Later on I would have up to 5 cats at my house, not because I wanted them, but because my daughter kept bringing them home!

5 Stars
thomas a. - PORT MONMOUTH, NJ

hate cats love dog

5 Stars
Lisa J. - Windermere, FL

A sweet homage to your kitties! I giggled at your "they wouldn't have liked a cat in the dorm" quote. I got caught by our maintenance man with a kitten in my dorm room and he just rolled his eyes and said, "I don't see a thing!" Bless him...

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