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Why Shop At Puzzle Warehouse?

So why shop with Puzzle Warehouse as opposed to any other puzzle retailer or large chains? Beside the fact that Puzzle Warehouse is the largest jigsaw puzzle store on the planet, we take our jigsaw puzzles seriously.  We spare no expense in making sure the jigsaw puzzles we sell are of the highest quality from the absolute best brands in the world.  As proof of our efforts, feel free to browse our jigsaw puzzle jungle featuring more puzzles than any other retailer in the world including large chains like Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Target. We carry every brand including SunsOut, White Mountain Puzzles, Ravensburger Puzzles, Clementoni, Cobble Hill, Educa, Heye, Melissa & Doug, Piatnik, Springbok, D-Toys, Buffalo Games, Dowdle Folk Art Puzzles, and many more.

To us, puzzles aren't just a hobby, they are a lifestyle.  Thousands upon thousands of puzzles pass through our hands on a daily basis, and we inspect each one to ensure it is suitable for our customers.  As a business with puzzles as our focal point, we recognize the demand and love for puzzles all around the world in all areas and want to ensure that we can provide whatever it is you are looking for.  It is because of this, that we take excellent customer service as a principle, and strive to make every customer's experience with us a satisfactory one.  Whatever puzzle your heart desires, chances are you can definitely find it on our shelves or on our website.

Not only are we the largest puzzle retailer in the world, and not only do we ensure excellent customer service every time, but we also include benefits to shopping with us.  We have our fantastic "Puzzle of the Month" club that allows you to receive a different puzzle from us every single month!  Not only that, but you can also select which puzzle you are going to receive from a list of pre-approved puzzles for our program to ensure your experience with us is completely customizable and ultimately your own.  In addition to our "Puzzle of the Month" club, we also provide free shipping on any order over $75, saving you money while simultaneously allowing you to puzzle to your heart's content!

We began this discussion with the question "why shop at Puzzle Warehouse?", but after everything that has been said, the real question should be: why not shop at Puzzle Warehouse?

Customer Comments

I have not yet done the puzzles but was delighted with your speedy service via FedEx, which was superb.  We will certainly order from you again as your selection is wonderful. - Naomi
I received an email asking for me to submit a review of the items I received, and although I am VERY pleased with the products, I would prefer to submit a review of you, as a company, instead. To say I am impressed is an understatement. From the moment I placed my order, I received emailed updates on status and within just a blink of an eye, confirmation that my order had been sent. My order came quickly and was packed very well. I am VERY pleased with your service and your products and we (hubby and I who are embarking on puzzling as a way to spend more time together) hope to be long time customers with you! Thank you! - Jodie