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Puzzling a Little 3D Treasure

Are you ready to try something new with your puzzling time? I have the perfect thing: 3D Crystal Puzzles from Bepuzzled. These cool looking little puzzles come in a variety of designs and difficulty levels. Most of them can be completed in a short amount of time, so they're perfect for a quick challenge.

The one I selected to review today is the Gold Treasure Chest. It has 51 pieces and according to the box is a level 2.

As you can see this is a completely different experience compared to a traditional jigsaw puzzle. The first thing I did was lay out all of he pieces to see what I'm working with. They also suggest counting the pieces to ensure you have them all.

I've assembled two of these puzzles in the past and I find that using my fingers to feel the shapes is as important as looking at them. It is a little challenging when you first start one of these puzzles, but just like anything, you begin to learn what you're looking (or feeling) for the farther into it you get.

These puzzles are built in layers. I got stuck after I got a few together.

Bepuzzled lists a website on the box where you can find directions for the puzzle. Once you have navigated to the website, select the Crystal 3D Puzzle you're working on. If you are on a mobile device it will download the instructions. I found that if I visited the site on a laptop or tablet it just opened the instructions in a new tab.

To follow the instructions, you just start with the piece pictured in #1 (or wherever you are in the puzzle). Then find the piece listed in

#2 and figure out how it fits into piece #1. It's less complicated than it sounds. Just continue in this manner to the last piece.

This particular puzzle is built in two sections, the box and the lid. Then they snap together. After 57 minutes I had an adorable little box

for hiding my sweet treats. The cute little key even fits in the "lock".

This was the first level 2 Crystal 3D puzzle I've assembled. I've also puzzled Tin Robot and Snoopy Detective, both level 1.

The difficulty definitely increases with each level and more pieces. These puzzles are a great way to change up your puzzle time. They offer a challenge, but don't take up a lot of time, and when you complete it, you have a fun trinket that displays your puzzling prowess.

Puzzle Warehouse has so many Crystal 3D Puzzles to choose from, here are a couple I look forward to doing in the future:

Skull (Grey) | BePuzzled | 48 Pieces

Dog and Puppy | BePuzzled | 44 Pieces

Until next month, happy puzzling! 

- Angel @endless.puzzles

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