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Respect Your Cat Day

Respect Your Cat Day is on March 28th! Yeah, that’s right, it’s actually a thing AND an important one, if I do say so myself. In honor of all those feline lovers out there (me included), this blog will consist completely of Puzzle Warehouse’s most adorable cat inspired puzzles. What can I say, they’re the cat’s meow. 

But, before I delve further into these fantastic feline puzzles, I’d like to talk a little bit about Respect Your Cat Day. To be honest, I never knew this day even existed, but it does indeed. It was developed by National Today to celebrate your feline friends and how you can reciprocate the respect you get from your cat right on back. It’s all about self-care. For many of you, this comes in the form of both puzzles and our furry companions.

If you’re a cat person…heck, even if you’re not a cat person. The puzzles featured below are sure to make you smile.

Respect Your Cat Day

Feline Felon by Eurographics

Feline Felon reminds me of our youngest cat, Zealand. He is the puzzle eater in the family. He likes to taste, swat, chew, and steal a couple pieces without fail from each puzzle I work on. This 500-piece Eurographics puzzle made me crack up as soon as I saw it and I immediately thought of Zealand.

Feline Felon puzzle

I’ve found Eurographics Puzzles to have consistent quality. They may not all withstand a puzzle pickup, but what I love about them is that I never encounter false fits. I don’t know about you, but the only thing that is more annoying than a cat eating your puzzle pieces is dealing with false fits.  

picture of Zealand

Zealand- the puzzle chewer.

picture of Hazel

Hazel before she ran off.

The other puzzle that I just had to do is Kitty Throne. Another 500-piece puzzle by Eurographics.

Kitty Throne puzzle

Kitty Throne by Eurographics

Even the articles on the newspaper are funny. Some cats just have that regal personality. I could envision my grumpy cat Bruno reading a newspaper in his litterbox. And for the record, he isn’t actually grumpy, he’s just misunderstood. 

Kitty Throne puzzle

Bruno the Grump

Bruno looking grumpy

Gemma on Patchwork caught my eye a while ago because it just looks so cute. This 750-piece puzzle by Buffalo Games looks like so much fun to puzzle.

Gemma on Patchwork puzzle

Gemma on Patchwork by Buffalo Games

Any time that there’s definitive sections of patterns and colors within a puzzle, it just draws me in.

Now, before I move on, I do have to mention that fur is no joke. When you have large sections of fur, it can be a little challenging, but rest-assured it’s totally doable. So, don’t let a little fur deter you. That being said, if you’re intimidated by a lot of fur, check out Eeboo’s Cats in Windows

Cats in Windows puzzle

Cats in Windows by Eeboo

Each cat’s fur had distinct colors and patterns and it’s broken up into small sections of fur. The backgrounds of each window and the variation of color and style on the window frames make for a spectacular puzzling experience.

Ceaco has this 500-piece puzzle called Mad About Cats which basically describes how I feel about them. If you treat your cats like royalty, you can relate to this one. Isn’t that what National Respect Your Cat Day is all about?

Mad About Cats puzzle

Mad About Cats by Ceaco

For all you Heye fans, they make a 1,000-piece hysterical, comic-style puzzle called Cat’s Life

Cat's Life puzzle

Cat’s Life by Heye

I mean how funny is this?!?  It’s one of those puzzles where the more you look at it, the more things you’ll find to laugh at.

Hopefully, these puzzles make you smile just like your cat friends do. So, in honor of National Respect Your Cat Day, why don’t you try out one of these cat puzzles? Afterall, you know most cats like to lay directly on top of the section you’re working on the oversee your puzzling progress. Puzzles do make great cat beds.

Respect Your Cat Day

Hazel, my skittish princess, on her puzzle bed

And as always, make time for yourself (and your cat) to puzzle.

Jaime  @introvertedpuzzler

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Amanda K. - Cincinnati, OH

Kitty Throne always makes me giggle! Such a cute blog- I enjoyed it very much, even though I am 100% team Dog! :)

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