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Spotlight on RoseArt

Hello fellow puzzlers! Tell me, what’s important to you when it comes to selecting a brand to purchase puzzles from? What keeps you coming back to a specific brand? One of the most important things to me as a puzzler, that I look for in a brand, is image versatility. I want variety. Lots of options. I want all my different puzzling moods to be satisfied at any given moment. Am I asking for too much? Maybe. But do you know who doesn’t think I’m asking for too much? Roseart. Roseart is one of those brands that has an image for just about every puzzler. Because Roseart caters to my needs, wants, and desires, I have decided to dedicate this month’s blog to them. Ladies and gentleman, today’s blog is a spotlight on one of my go to brands - Roseart. 

Whether you are into Americana images, vibrant/colorful art, a huge fan of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang, retro/nostalgic images, or adorable minis of dogs in teacups, Pringles chips, or various Kelloggs cereals; then Roseart has a puzzle for you. Not only do you have endless picks of images, but also various piece counts to accommodate all puzzling levels. 

The first puzzle I am going to show off is a vibrant and super fun puzzle that I've done by Roseart. Best part? I did this puzzle with fellow Ambassador Alyssa! We did it playing puzzle chess for the first time, and it was such a blast! Road Trip is a 300-piece super colorful puzzle that was a good image for Puzzle Chess as first timers. I enjoyed it so much that I did it again solo and it was just as great the second time around! 

road trip puzzle

Road Trip

Look how cute and proud of ourselves Alyssa and I are! Honestly, if you’ve never put a puzzle together with a friend playing Puzzle Chess, do it! It’s so much fun! A tad stressful, but in an exciting exhilarating way. Just look at our faces! We had a blast! 

Marwa and Alyssa

Up next is a puzzle I did in September to welcome Fall - my second favorite season. I love coordinating my puzzles with seasons, holidays, events, and any other way I can connect a puzzle with whatever is going on that day, month, or year. Fall Harvest by Chris Bigalow is a 1,000 pieces, part of the Americana collection, and it is one of their most popular images by an artist who is a brand favorite. I’m not going to lie, it was a challenging image, but it was very relaxing once I got into the flow of the art and my eyes adjusted to the colors. The finished image was stunning! 

Fall Harvest puzzle

Fall Harvest

Now we go into Marwa’s favorite - mini puzzles! Roseart is one of my favorite go to brands for mini puzzles. They carry mini puzzles in two different styles. The first style is 100 piece puzzles and I just love them! They come in various images, but their most popular are the Peanuts gang. One of my favorites I did is a Peanuts one called Grooves… how cute is that?! They 

Grooves puzzle


One of my absolute favorites that Roseart carries is their multiple mini puzzle pack. It’s a Marwa dream! They have so many adorable images to choose from. One of my favorites is so nostalgic, chock full of fun, and its 500 pieces that sort into 12 adorable Kelloggs images.

Kelloggs puzzle


All 12 puzzles, in all the styles, come mixed in one bag, but the backs of the pieces are color coordinated which makes sorting so easy. Another super cute 12 mini set is Cupcakes, and this one my son did all on his own, and enjoyed very much. That’s another great thing about these 12 mini’s, they’re easy for the tiny humans to tackle on their own. The color coordination makes sorting manageable for them, the low piece count per puzzle isn’t intimidating, and they can take breaks in between mini puzzles.

Cupcakes puzzle


This is just the tip of the iceberg with Roseart and their versatile puzzle catalog. Their variety is so fun to peruse through and I’m always introduced to something new I would have never considered puzzling. Roseart has sister companies - Kodak and Cra-z-art - which broadens their puzzle options immensely. Roseart and its sister brands are all carried by PuzzleWarehouse. There are so many good options to choose from! Go give it a look and see what I’m talking about for yourself. The options are endless. As always, don’t forget to share your thoughts, and your purchases with me in the comments. I love hearing from you all!


Happy Puzzling!



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