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Sweet Tooth

It’s the holiday season and sweets are all around us! I decided to indulge in some sweet treats of the puzzle variety. Do sweet puzzles satisfy your sweet tooth, or do they have you craving more sugar galore?

Freakshakes, a 300 piece puzzle “snack” from MasterPieces whet my appetite. These over the top indulgent desserts were a lot of fun to puzzle. They are each quite detailed but the different colored backgrounds on each shelf helped a lot with sorting. 

Freakshakes puzzle

Freakshakes puzzle

Freakshakes by MasterPieces

Working my way up in piece count, I conquered the 500 piece count Favorite Sweets by Trefl. This type of “several puzzles in 1” type of image is usually pretty quick for speed puzzling, and I came in just under an hour. Trefl has some really fun collage puzzles in both 500 and 1000 piece counts at a very reasonable price!

Favorite Sweets puzzle

Favorite Sweets puzzle

Favorite Sweets by Trefl

If this one has you begging for more, check out the Candy Collage in 1000 pieces. 

Next I puzzled the 750 piece Candy by Ceaco. Nothing says nostalgia like Tetris! And did you see those red vines? And the gummy bears? Sour straws? Yum!

Candy puzzle

Candy by Ceaco

Piecing this together almost felt like playing Tetris. I went color by color, line by line. It satisfied the need for order in me!

Candy puzzle in process

Candy puzzle progress

Candy puzzle

Candy by Ceaco

Then, to put the icing on the cake, I puzzled the 1000 piece Birthday Cake Party by Eurographics. Those cakes are a work of art! Too pretty to eat, but a blast to puzzle! I love the unicorn cake trend, and the rainbow layer cake. While the last (Tetris) puzzle was order; this was chaos! So many lovely cakes to admire and I couldn’t just choose one so I just dug through the box and let the pieces lay in place where they belong! I love that there is no wrong way to complete a puzzle. We all end up in the same place at the end. This was a joy to puzzle on a lazy weekend with the sun shining through the window on me.

Birthday Cake Party Puzzle in process

Birthday Cake Party Puzzle

Birthday Cake Party by Eurographics

So if you look closely, you’ll see that all the pieces are the same 2 by 2 shape.  This is usually a pet peeve of mine, but I didn’t even notice until I was already halfway done with the puzzle! It was not a negative at all in this case. But for comparison, I did another Eurographics puzzle, Cupcake Celebration. And this had a completely different cut. They were a standard grid cut and I’ve heard this also called W-cut as the “outies” have a zig zag W shape. (For more on puzzle cuts, check out Amanda’s blog, Random Thoughts, Random Cuts here!)

Cupcake Celebration puzzle

Cupcake Celebration by Eurographics

But when 1000 pieces just aren’t off, you may be like me and you agree “the more puzzle pieces, the merrier”, you can try Candy Party! in 2000 pieces or even Cake and Flowers in 3000 pieces! 

Candy Party! features the colorful artwork of Lars Stewart and was actually quite challenging.

Candy Party puzzle

Candy Party puzzle

Candy Party by Castorland

Cake and Flowers boasts the “richer, truer colors” of Kodak. Beautiful wedding-worthy cakes that, in my mind, taste as good as they look!

Cake and Flowers Puzzle

Cake and Flowers by Kodak

But because I’m now addicted to sweets, and still want more, I shall leave you with a puzzle for the wishlist - All That Sweetness by Jacarou puzzles.

All That Sweetness puzzle

All That Sweetness by Jacarou puzzles


Tempted yet???

I hope you all have a *sweet* new year!




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Susan - Alpharetta, GA

Such a fun and good-to-eat blog!

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