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21. Yes I counted. I have 21 Cobble Hill puzzles. Now. This number may not seem like a lot, but I have never done a Cobble Hill puzzle before! Don’t get me wrong, its not because I haven’t wanted to. Clearly, I have no problems finding Cobble Hill puzzles that I want to do. But for some reason, none have actually ever made it onto my puzzle board. So. In honor of cobble hill puzzles, I decided I wanted to do one this month! And what better way to incorporate them into a blog, then to discuss random cut puzzles!!!

If you want to know how to get the most bang for your buck, look no further than random cut puzzles. At least for me, a puzzler that relies heavily on piece shapes to puzzle, random cut puzzles are so incredibly satisfying, but also much more challenging than regular standard grid cut puzzles. I would say there are generally three major grid cuts for puzzles. In my super science-y vernacular: the dreaded two in two out (all pieces pretty much shaped the same), the standard grid cut (your general five shapes- think Ravensburger puzzles), and then random cut- where pieces can be any shape you want- the wonkier the better!  

various cuts

Certainly, there are others-think Buffalo with the random weird squiggle pieces, Ceaco which uses a standard grid cut with some wonky angular arms and legs, Genius Games which utilize what I call Batman shaped pieces, as well as circular puzzles etc. However, today I’m going to try and give a fairly comprehensive list of brands carried at Puzzle Warehouse that utilize random cut puzzles.

crocodile and tiger puzzle

Tiger and Crocodile by Buffalo Games

little mermaid puzzle

Thomas Kinkade Disney - The Little Mermaid by Ceaco

Curie puzzle

Scientist series - Marie Curie by Genius Games

One last aside before we get into it- to make things even more complicated- there are some brands that offer both random cut puzzles and standard grid cut- and to my knowledge, there’s really no rhyme or reason as to what puzzles come in what piece shape. I’ll note these brands with an * to indicate that they offer both!

Cobble Hill

My first Cobble Hill puzzle, and it was so incredibly enjoyable! Cobble Hill puzzles have a nice mix of ‘normal shaped’ pieces and super random cut pieces- check out the close up to see what I mean. I absolutely love the linen finish to these pieces, and I also love the diversity of their puzzles. They offer puzzles such as Easy Handling which has large pieces for easier grip, and Family Pieces, which has small, medium and large pieces so everyone in the family can help contribute to the puzzling fun! I was already a huge fan of this brand before ever puzzling one of their puzzles, but now that I have some personal experience under my belt, I can safely say that this brand is awesome!

doodle cat puzzle

Doodlecats by Cobble Hill

Doodlecats close up puzzle

Doodlecats by Cobble Hill


Probably the original of random cut puzzles, Springbok puzzles have likely the most random die cuts I’ve ever seen! Celebrating their 60 year birthday this year, Springbok knows how to make a good puzzle! My favorite part of Springbok is when two pieces fit together to make the arm hole of a third piece (I know- confusing- see the picture I included)!

CocaCola puzzle

CocaCola puzzle

Coca-Cola Pop Art by Springbok

New York Puzzle Company

There are just some puzzle companies that do random cut puzzles better than others. Probably some of my most enjoyable random cut puzzles come from NYPC! If you’re looking for themed puzzles- this brand really goes above and beyond- from Vogue to Harry Potter, NPR to Guiness, The New Yorker to Janet Hill- there is something for everyone!

Harry Potter Puzzle

Quidditch by New York Puzzle Co

Harry Potter puzzle

Quidditch by New York Puzzle Co

USAopoly (the OP puzzles)

If you’re looking for a brand that carries really cool images of some of your favorite TV shows, movies or games- look no further. Featuring puzzles from Mario Kart, Friends, South Park, Rick and Morty, and Animal Crossing- the list could go on and on. On top of seriously fun images, they feature an incredible random die cut!

Hello Kitty puzzle

Hello Kitty & Friends by USAopoly

Hello Kitty with box puzzle

Hello Kitty & Friends by USAopoly


A true US owned and manufactured brand, this puzzle company sits close to my heart because they love to utilize local artists that feature local landmarks with a strong focus on Lighthouses up and down the eastern coast. If you’re looking for beach themed puzzles- this is the brand to keep in mind! (First picture: random cut, Second picture: standard grid cut)

Join Us Puzzle

Join Us by Heritage Puzzles

Coastal Collage puzzle

Coastal Collage by Heritage Puzzles


A lovely brand that has some really unique options available. They have EZ Grip, Glow in the dark, and just about any category of puzzle image you could want! I am incredibly partial to their Linen finished puzzles! (First picture: random cut, Second picture: standard grid cut)

Candy puzzle

Sweet Satisfaction by MasterPieces

Safari puzzle

Safariby MasterPieces

Lucky Puzzles

A small offshoot of the US brand Gibbs Smith, Lucky puzzles really focuses on choosing fun and unique art from artists around the world! A super enjoyable brand with an incredibly difficult random die cut- this specific puzzle I have pictured for you was a very challenging but super rewarding puzzle!

Let's put our Heads Together puzzle

Let's Put Our Heads Together by Lucky Puzzles

Let's Put Our Heads Together puzzle

Let's Put Our Heads Together by Lucky Puzzles


Maddcapp probably has some of the most uniquely shaped puzzles in the puzzle market- and because of this, random shaped pieces are just a must!

Poinsettia puzzle

I Am Poinsettia by Madd Capp Puzzles

Poinsettia puzzle

I Am Poinsettia by Madd Capp Puzzles


Featuring super fun colorful images, in my opinion, no one does a collage puzzle quite like Remarks! (First picture: random cut, Second picture: standard grid cut)

Rainy Days puzzle

Rainy Days by Re-marks

Oceana puzzle

Oceana by Re-marks


Another company that features both random and standard grid cut, SunsOut has quite the selection of images! (First picture: random cut, Second picture: standard grid cut)

Sleeing Mermaids puzzle

Sleeping Mermaids by SunsOut

Daddy's Little Girls puzzle

Daddy's Little Girls by SunsOut


A puzzle brand that also features both random and standard grid cut. A really nice bonus is that on the new Eurographics puzzles, they let you know what puzzle cut you will be getting- just look for the ‘Smart Cut’ label on the side! (First picture: random cut, Second picture: standard grid cut)

Automobile puzzle

Monaco Grand Pix Automobile by Eurographics (not currently available)

Teacups puzzle

Colorful Tea Cups by Eurographics

smart cut graphic


The amazing and ridiculous detail of artist Eric Dowdle would make any puzzle challenging, but then add in a random die cut- and you get a huge bang for your buck! I love that Dowdle puzzles recreate destinations from around the world- and I often like to collect Dowdle puzzles according to the cities that I’ve traveled too! (First picture: random cut, Second picture: standard grid cut)

American Hockey puzzle

American Hockey by Dowdle Folk Art

Noah's Ark puzzle

Noah's Ark by Dowdle Folk Art

*Vermont Christmas Co

If I’m being honest, I don’t know very much about this puzzle company. I’ve only done one puzzle by them and it was a dreaded two by two (albeit a gorgeous image), but they also boast a random die cut as well! (First picture: random cut, Second picture: standard grid cut)

Sleepy Time puzzle

Sleepy Time by Vermont Christmas Company

Seaside Beach puzzle

Seaside Beach by Vermont Christmas Company


I do not have any personal experience with a Hart puzzle! I do have some in my to do pile, but unfortunately none have made it to my puzzle board yet! There’s so much to love about this brand though- I really love the images they offer, as well as I love the fact that with every puzzle sold, they make a donation to quite a list of charities including one subject very close to my heart- animal shelters! To my knowledge, Hart offers only random cut puzzles- but take that with a grain of salt since I haven’t done one yet!

Seek & Find Game Night puzzle

Seek & Find Game Night by Hart Puzzles

Jack Pine

Yet another puzzle company that I just don’t have any personal experience with- I’m sorry for letting you down my Jigsaw Junkies! However, my fellow ambassadors let me know that this brand has both random and standard grid cuts, and to my knowledge, Jack Pine only offers 1000 piece puzzles! They are a small subset of Cobble Hill puzzles!

Tropical Cookies puzzle

Tropical Cookies by Jack Pine


An unusual puzzle brand- boasting some of my favorite images- a ton of these puzzles are on my wish list! Their larger piece puzzles generally have a standard grid cut, but with some unusual wavy edged pieces. However, they also feature some very uniquely shaped puzzles that will have a random cut as well!

Leopard puzzle

Leopard by Djeco

do do bird puzzle

DoDo by Djeco

Pomegranate (Honorable Mention):

Definitely in my top five puzzle companies ever, Pomegranate normally has a standard grid cut! However, they just dropped these unusual round puzzles with knobbly hexagonal (+/- some edges here and there) shaped pieces, and I absolutely loved it!!!

Hawk Mountain puzzle

Hawk Mountain by Pomegranate

Hawk Mountain close up puzzle

Springtime puzzle

Springtime by Pomegranate

Macrocosm puzzle

Macrocosm by Pomegranate

If you want to know more, a feature of our blog page includes a Brand Comparison for almost every brand Puzzle Warehouse carries. Just search for the brand you have questions about on the blog page- and most of the time- it will have the piece shapes, plus more facts about the puzzle brand!

Unfortunately, I haven’t done puzzles by all of the brands that Puzzle Warehouse carries (I know, gasp!). So my quick puzzle caveat is as follows- this blog is written to the best of my knowledge and features mostly my personal experience with these puzzle brands! If anyone knows of other brands carried at Puzzle Warehouse that are also random cut that I missed- drop a comment!

Until next time my jigsaw junkies- happy puzzling!

Amanda @600hoursofpuzzle

PS: a HUGE thank you to my fellow ambassadors for providing some of the puzzle images that I used in this blog!

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Lisa J. - Windermere, FL

Great blog! Always fun to have one spot to bone up on what the random cut brands are!

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kkvv - Coon Rapids, MN

Great article, thank you!

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Alyssa Z. - Stevenson Ranch, CA

Great blog!!! And a great lead in to my next blog on those last 3 circular pomegranate puzzles!

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Richard S. - Saint Petersburg, FL

Nice article, thank you.

5 Stars
Jai J. - La Crosse, WI

Love this blog, though Springbok has me spoiled for life. No other random cut can compare. But more importantly, why don't companies specify cut on the box. PLEASE use your influence to try to make this a new standard in the industry. Please and Thank You!

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