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What's Wrong with this Puzzle?

Hello there! Welcome to the Spring 2024 edition of “What’s Wrong With This Puzzle?” 

Here in the land of ice and snow, there’s been so little of either that one can barely notice the mild winter oozing into the start of spring. But the calendar tells me it’s coming. Soon the birds will wake me way too early with incessant tweeting and the rabbits and I will startle each other in the garden until one of us dashes under the deck in terror, leaving behind only the satisfying thud of a little head knocking against lattice. 

But if there is anything the rabbits have taught us, it’s how to greet one another on Easter Sunday…

Easter Greeting puzzle

Easter Greeting by Workman Publishing

Or not. Let’s jump right in. What is wrong with this John Derian Paper Goods: Easter Greeting puzzle? It is a lie, that’s what. First off, it’s hard to find a lamb to stand on. Second, when I did find one in time for Easter last year, my in-laws wouldn’t let me herd it into the living room. Third, more than one of them specifically asked me to stop kissing them. Learn from my mistakes, and do not attempt this Easter Greeting.

Next up is this springtime SunsOut Barber Shop puzzle. Can you spot what’s wrong here?

Barber Shop puzzle

Barber Shop by SunsOut 

No, it’s not that the prices are so, so low or that the whole structure dangles from a tiny twig. It’s more of a business-plan issue. This shop is being marketed to a confusing (or just confused?) target audience. Who do the shop owners think is coming here for a haircut and shave? Certainly not birds, on account of their not having hair or fur or even whiskers to clip. But the sign out front advertises “Fly-ins Welcome.” Is this shop just for bats and squirrels? Is it some weird barber bird cult? What animals are looking for that light perfumed scent when they’re out in the wild trying to hide from predators, many of whom have noses? I’m just confused.

Next up is Dolphin Ride. I bet you’ve already guessed what’s wrong with this puzzle!

Dolphin Ride puzzle

Dolphin Ride by MasterPieces

When they took this shot, everyone here was supposed to act normal, you know, just an ignore-the-camera-and-go-about-your-daily-business kind of thing. But our friend, Nemo, in the bottom right corner just could not stop looking at the camera. They had to re-take this shot 15 times just to get this one where he is sort of looking slightly off to the side. Bruce ended up throwing out his back and had to get physical therapy, and he’s now restricted to carrying one penguin at a time. It takes forever to get them all where they need to be. 

Now, what is wrong with Ferris Wheel Kiss?

What's Wrong with this Puzzle

Ferris Wheel Kiss by Buffalo Games

No, it’s not that these bunnies are better accessorized than Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” And it’s not that it’s unclear whether this puzzle depicts a bunny-sized Ferris wheel or human-sized bunnies. What’s wrong with this puzzle is that, apparently, smooching bunnies is some kind of running gag that I am NOT in on. I mean, did you know this was a thing? Why didn’t you tell me? (Thank you for not telling me.)

Let’s move on to Garden Party, this season’s answer to avian germs crossing over to humans. Oops! I just gave it away!

Garden Party puzzle

Garden Party by MasterPieces

Why is it that in the puzzleverse teacups naturally attract wild birds to sit on, around, and inside them? Let’s just say that as a puzzle I would totally do this one. But as a party, I would attend but very politely decline to eat or drink and proceed directly to the shower when I get home. 

Last up, take a look at Easter Garden. What is wrong with this puzzle?

Easter Garden puzzle

Easter Garden by Eurographics

You might notice that Bernadette found all of those eggs and is having just a lovely Easter. Look how she has her hard work colorfully displayed so nicely. Oh, how proud she is! Maybe there’s nothing wrong with this puzzle, nothing at all, you think? Oh, but there is. Prior to finding the eggs, she hid them herself, and that’s just weird.

Happy puzzling!


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5 Stars
Lisa J. - Windermere, FL

Okay, this was laugh out loud funny! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

5 Stars
Rosemary G. - Johnson City, NY

There will not be all those leaves on Easter Sunday this year, at least in a lot of the USA.

5 Stars
Cecily Beard - Annapolis

You just keep getting better! I will still be smiling for a while-- thanks!

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