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Brand Comparison: Areaware

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Last Updated On: April 22, 2022

Summary: Areaware is known most for their gradient puzzle collection, but they also have a few other puzzle designs. There is a geometrical art collection along with a "puzzle inside a puzzle" collection. Their compact boxes make it easy to find a place to store them. Areaware's puzzles have very thick pieces and low puzzle dust. Information about the artwork is found on the back of the box.

Image Categories: Gradient, modern art

Key Facts:

Cut: Ribbon cut with varied piece shapes

Front Finish: Glossy  

Piece Backing: Plain chipboard

Piece Thickness: 2.1mm or 0.08in

Puzzle Dust Level: Low

Piece Fit: Pieces fit well together and there are minimal false fits. You will need a tool to move sections of pieces around.

Piece Counts Offered: 500

Packaging: Box comes shrink wrapped. Boxes are compact rectangles. Pieces come bagged in a single use bag.

Box Bonuses: Reference poster included

What Comes in the Box

Examples of Piece Shapes

Front and Back of Box


Completed Puzzle Image

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