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Brand Comparison: Indigenous Collection

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Last Updated On: March 10, 2022

Summary:  Indigenous Collection by Cap is a Canadian puzzle brand that specializes in indigenous artwork. Part of the proceeds of each puzzle sale actually go back to the artist! The puzzle box is sleek- slim and tall, with the entire image on the front, and information about the artist on the back. The pieces come in a resealable plastic bag, are a standard grid cut, and have a great fit. Unique and colorful, you can’t go wrong with a puzzle from Indigenous Collection!

Image Categories: Original artwork, Native American art, animals, landscapes, and more

Key Facts:

Cut: Ribbon cut with varied piece shape

Front Finish: Semi-glossy     

Piece Backing: Plain chipboard

Piece Thickness: 1.9mm or 0.07in

Puzzle Dust Level: Low

Piece Fit: Snug for circular puzzles. You can move 3-4 piece sections for rectangular puzzles.

Piece Counts Offered: 72, 500, 1000

Packaging: Small tin boxes for 72 pieces, medium squares for 500 pieces, medium rectangles for 1000 pieces. Boxes are sealed with plastic stickers. Pieces come in non resealable bags.

Box Bonuses: Information about the artist is featured on the back of each box

What Comes in the Box

Examples of Piece Shapes

Front and Back of Box

Sides of Box

Completed Puzzle Image

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