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Brand Comparison: PuzzleLife

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Last Updated On: February 15, 2022

Summary: A South Korean puzzle company, their images include original Korean artwork, but also include your traditional puzzle images, and pretty much anything in between. The puzzle pieces are slightly glossy, 1.8mm thick, and nice and sturdy. They are mostly your two in two out grid cut piece shapes, with a very secure fit. The box includes a large poster, puzzle glue and glue spreader.

Image Categories: Fine art, animals, cottage scenes, nostaglia, landscapes, and more

Key Facts:


Front Finish:            

Piece Backing: 

Piece Thickness: 

Puzzle Dust Level:

Piece Fit: 

Piece Counts Offered: 500, 750, 1000, 2000

Packaging: Compact rectangular box comes wrapped in shrinkwrap. Pieces come bagged in a plastic bag.

Box Bonuses: Poster, missing piece information sheet, glue, and glue spreader

What Comes in the Box

Examples of Piece Shapes

Front and Back of Box

Sides of Box

Completed Puzzle Image

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