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Brand Comparison: Re-marks

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Last Updated On: February 28, 2022

Summary: Remarks is a US based puzzle brand, known for their colorful and sometimes nostalgic collages. Remarks boxes are compact and include a reference poster. The pieces are sturdy, with your normal cardboard finished sheen, and standard grid cut pieces with a little touch of variety on the normal 5-6 piece shapes.

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Key Facts:

Cut: Most are random cut, but a few are ribbon cut with a variety of piece shapes

Front Finish: Semi-glossy

Piece Backing: Plain chipboard 

Piece Thickness: 1.8mm or 0.7in

Puzzle Dust Level: Low

Piece Fit: Looser fit. You will need a tool to move larger sections. Little to no false fits.

Piece Counts Offered: 100, 200, 250, 300, 500, 850, 1000

Packaging: Boxes are compact and square. The pieces come in a non resealable plastic bag.

Box Bonuses: Reference poster included

What Comes in the Box

Example of Piece Shapes

Front and Back of Box

Sides of Box

Completed Puzzle Image

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