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2015 Puzzles: Ravensburger First Look!

Ravensburger.co.uk has put up their 2015 Spring/Summer catalogue!  The new puzzles for 2015 will be available in January.  You can look at or download the 2015 catalogue pdf here.

Currently, the pdf has low res images of the puzzles and they are not on online retailers yet, so we can only get a general idea of what the new puzzles look like. But here are a few of my favorites.

“Best of British #12: The County Park”, 1000 pieces by Geoffrey Tristram

“Best of British #13: The Cricket Match”, 1000 pieces by Geoffrey Tristram

First, two new puzzles in the “Best of British” series by artist Geoffrey Tristram. I love this humorous cartoon series and I’m excited to see two brand new ones. 

“What If #10: The Birthday”, 1000 pieces by Geoffrey Tristram

“What If #11: Elizabeth and Raleigh”, 1000 pieces by Geoffrey Tristram

The “What If” puzzles are Ravensburger’s Wasgij like line, and they’re as good or better than the Wasgij puzzles by Jumbo. The art is also done by Geoffrey Tristram, but in these puzzles, the image you put together is a “what if” take on the box image rather than the box image itself. These are excellent puzzles and I’m so happy to see Ravensburger doubling down on the series!  “The Birthday” is a contemporary setting and “Elizabeth and Raleigh” is historic, similar to the Mona Lisa puzzle released last fall. 


“Crazy Cats On the High Street”, 2×500 pieces by artist Linda Jane Smith

“Crazy Cats In The Playroom”, 1000 pieces by artist Linda Jane Smith

I’ve only recently given in and bought a few Linda Jane Smith cartoon cats puzzles and yes, I like them. There are two new puzzles for 2015 from her (well, three really).  Nice!



“Heroes and Heroines”, 1000 pieces (by artist Aimee Stewart?)

“The Fantastic Voyage”, 1000 pieces (by artist Aimee Stewart?)

Yay! Apparently Ravensburger did very well with the previous two Aimee Stewart bookshelf fantasy puzzles Travel Shelves and Fairytale Fantasia, because they are giving us two new puzzles in this line for 2015. “The Fantastic Voyage” appears to have a ship/nautical/sea monster theme whereas “Heroes and Heroines” is classic romance perhaps?  I’m so looking forward to both of these.



“The Gardener’s Cupboard”, 1000 pieces by artist Colin Thompson

“Perplexing: Crafty Yarns”, 1000 pieces

I adore Colin Thompson puzzles and have them all. This 2015 offering makes me very happy. “The Gardener’s Cupboard” looks like it’s cram packed with Colin’s trademark detail and humor and I can’t wait to see this image in a larger size. As someone who enjoys gardening, I can’t think of a better theme.

The “Perplexing Puzzles” series is a series of photo collage images that are challenging due to their repeated elements. The early puzzles in this series were 500 pieces so I’m glad to see this year’s puzzle is in 1000.



“The Sweet Shop”, 500 pieces, artist unknown

“Vintage Flora”, 1000 pieces, artist unknown

In the collage category, there are several appealing new offerings including the two puzzles below. “The Sweet Shop” looks to be bursting with color and detail and “Vintage Flora” makes a lovely spring puzzle.



“Wembley Dreams”, 1000 pieces, artist unknown

“Autumn Flight”, 1000 pieces, artist unknown

For British nostalgia and scenic puzzles, the two below are my favorites.



When I find better images of these new puzzles, I’ll post them!


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