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500 Piece Puzzle Comparison

Ready to go on a journey with me through the rabbit hole and get a smidgen analytical to compare (5) different 500 piece puzzles? No? I’ll wait.... 

Ready now? OK, let’s go! I’ve done the easy part of putting together the puzzles, and I have measured several key factors across all five. I will also provide my overall enjoyment and opinion on each completed puzzle. You can do the same on your side, and then we can compare notes after. (It’s not cheating if the pop quiz already happened.) 


Puzzle A: 

Puzzle B:


Puzzle C: 

Puzzle D: 

Puzzle E: 

All in all, there is a wide variety of 500 piece puzzles, which offer a lot of enjoyment with minimal amount of time and space commitment. Several brands, including many not mentioned here, also offer the same image in multiple piece count sizes, allowing for you to choose how much time and effort you want to put into it. Since 500 pieces are...less pieces (shocker I know)...than 1000 piece puzzles, more intricate details in an image are going to be on...stick with me here...less pieces. Which makes it easier to do. And less pieces makes the overall puzzle size smaller, which means you need a smaller surface to puzzle on. Whaaatttt?! This is ground breaking information. I may be the first person to catch on to this ever. 

I’m going to quit while I am ahead, and say, that each of the puzzles that I’ve tried out here have their perks and their "Meh" moments, but all of them were overall enjoyable, and are puzzles that I would absolutely do again, or do similar puzzles from the brands. For me, that is one of the beauties of puzzling, a wide variety to suit every whim, need, and mood imaginable. 

-Jenn / PuzzleKnucks

P.S. The Pro-Tip is...Do the puzzle pickup challenge AFTER you take completed photos, unless you really really want to do the same puzzle twice....

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