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Artist Spotlight: Susan Winget

No matter the time of year, I can always count on puzzles with artwork by Susan Winget for a comforting take on the season. There’s such warmth to all of her images, and they often feature adorable animals or nostalgic Americana elements. So this winter, it’s no surprise that I have several Susan Winget puzzles in my to do pile!

multiple puzzle images by Susan Winget

Potters Bench, Fresh Bunch, Harvest Wheelbarrow, and Santa’s Sleigh by Lang


According to her website, Susan Winget began her art business in 1982. She started working with the company Lang in 1987, at first to produce a calendar, and they have since expanded to carry a wide variety of products including, of course, puzzles! Lang puzzles come in a sturdy box with a reusable bag inside and their pieces have a thick white board backing. 

Poinsettia Window Box puzzle

Poinsettia Window Box by Lang

This season, I began with the delightfully wintery Poinsettia Window Box in 500 pieces. I started this puzzle with the window box and birds and then moved on to the snowy window. Then I tackled some of the pinecones and greenery. The poinsettia actually proved quite tricky! Because this was 500 pieces, thankfully it wasn’t too much of a challenge to finish up.

Christmas Warmth puzzle

Christmas Warmth by Lang

I also enjoyed working on Christmas Warmth in 1000 pieces. When I selected this puzzle, I was mainly thinking of how much I loved the artwork and the warm and cozy feelings it evoked. Once I started sorting the pieces, however, I realized that I had drastically underestimated how many red and green pieces there were in this puzzle! After putting together everything that wasn’t those colors, I was able to put together the presents and ornaments thanks to their distinct patterns. 

Looking more closely at the pieces, I was able to pull out the holly and berries as well as the darkest reds around the edges of the trees. Then came the slow process of filling in the trees and their ribbons. Because Lang puzzles are typically limited to the standard piece shape with two ins and two outs, sorting by shape wasn’t really an option, so finishing up was a bit of a challenge. But I did indeed finish, and what a beautiful end result! I’d love to sit next to that friendly looking pup and enjoy the warm fire and fabulously full tree.

Puzzle Warehouse carries quite a few wintery puzzles from Susan Winget and Lang. Also on my wishlist are Snowy Lights in 300 pieces and Holiday Gnomes in 500 pieces, pictured below. How cute are those animals?

Snowy Lights puzzle

Snowy Lights by Lang

Holiday Gnomes puzzle

Holiday Gnomes by Lang

But of course, Susan Winget’s artwork isn’t limited to winter! There are so many beautiful images from all seasons available as puzzles. Even though it wasn’t in season, I recently worked on Heartland Barn in 1000 pieces. I remember seeing this puzzle in a catalog years ago and have thought about it on several occasions. I’m so glad Puzzle Warehouse was finally able to hook me up with this one!

Heartland Barn puzzle

Heartland Barn by Lang

This puzzle was also a delight, and I never got bogged down in any one color. It was simple enough to pull out the different colored flowers and leaves, the area behind the horses, and the white beams. 

Several others on my wishlist include the fall-themed Trucking Along and the summery Rocking Chair and Orchard Bicycle. Do you have any Susan Winget puzzles in your collection? Which is your favorite?


- Gail, @jiggies_and_gems

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Holly - Canton, GA
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Alyssa Z. - Stevenson Ranch, CA

These are so cute!

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Linda Knudsen - Idaho

Love her work!

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