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Happy National Superhero Day!

It’s National Superhero Day and I cannot begin to explain to you what a big deal that is in my household! As a boy mom, superheroes are a big thing around here. Lucky for my boys, I grew up LOVING superheroes like He-Man, Spider-Man, Superman, Transformers… but my truest love was Batman. My mind was blown when I watched the first Batman movie in the 80’s with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. On the spot I became a die-hard Batman fan, and it lives strong in me today. I have to say though, we have to collectively forget that George Clooney was Batman, ok? Ok! Let’s carry on then…

Superheroes Batman  & Robin


Today, my kids and I are not only huge Batman fans, but we are also avid Avengers fans. We live and breathe all things Avengers. So, when I told them about this month’s blog I’m working on, they were excited to help me choose the puzzles and boy did they choose some good ones!

The first one we did is by 
Buffalo Games, and it’s called Assemble. Fun fact, every time the Avengers yell out “Avengers, Assemble!” I get goosebumps and wish, every single time, that I was an Avenger. But alas, I’m just a mere human who loves to puzzle. 

Assemble puzzle

Assemble by Buffalo Games

This puzzle is 400 pieces and it’s a really great idea that Buffalo came up with where it’s a family style puzzle with three different sized pieces – large, medium, and small. This made it the perfect family style puzzle to put together because all puzzler levels have a chance to enjoy doing the puzzle without it being over-whelming or discourage a tiny human just learning how to puzzle. We had SO much fun with this one! Fun fact, Buffalo has different images with this family style. You should totally give it a try if you want to encourage your kiddos to puzzle with you!

piece sizes

Different Piece Sizes in the family style puzzle

We kept in theme with Avengers for our next set of puzzles. We loved these because of their comic book vibes, their low piece count made it less intimidating for the kids to tackle alone, and it came in a pack of four puzzles. YES! FOUR puzzles in one box! Three sets were 300 pieces which my kids loved and did one each, and the fourth one is 500 pieces which they politely pushed towards me and said, “this one is all yours mama!”  

marvel 4-pack

Marvel Comics Multipack by Buffalo Games

My younger son chose his favorite Avenger to put together – Spider-Man. I stick by my opinion that Tom Holland is by far the best Spider-Man. He made me LOVE Spider-Man all over again. 

Spider Man


My older son couldn’t decide so he chose all the Avengers so that he didn’t have to make the hard decision of choosing. I have to respect him for that, he’s fair and doesn’t like to play favorites!


I on the other hand had no shame in choosing my second favorite Avenger – Iron Man. Honestly, who doesn’t LOVE Iron Man?! Robert Downey Jr. really did Iron Man justice and turned him into a cultural icon and a favorite to many. 

Iron man

Also, in case you’re wondering, Thor is my all-time favorite Avenger. He won my heart back in the 80s and I have been a faithful fan ever since. Fun Fact: I wanted to name my younger son Thor, but my mother-in-law wouldn’t let me. I love her enough that I listened to her, but I may still be holding a tiny grudge for her not letting me name the kid Thor. 

Superhero Collage of images


I really loved the comic book style of these images, Buffalo Games did a really good job with them! They have so many others and even one of Batman. Go give them a look over at the good ol’ PuzzleWarehouse. Such good options to choose from! 

Before I go, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge and admit that my favorite superheroes of all time are actually the heroes who don’t wear capes. The nurses, doctors, teachers, firefighters, social workers, therapists, and anyone and everyone who spread joy and kindness to all every chance they get. Those are the true heroes, the ones who dedicate their lives in service of others and spreading joy… from the bottom of my heart, I thank YOU! 

As always, don’t forget to tell me in the comments who your favorite superheroes are? Will you buy any of the puzzles I posted? Tell me everything! 


Happy puzzling!



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