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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Nothing brings me more joy than this time of year! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or New Years Eve/Day, it’s all represented around the same time creating an explosion of joy for us all. But… BUT the most wonderful holiday of all is… you guessed it! My birthday! Yes, not only are we all celebrating various holidays, but we are also celebrating ME on December 24th. Am I tad delusional in thinking the world is celebrating me? Maybe. But I had found a way to make peace in my head, having a birthday on Christmas Eve and never being able to celebrate because everyone is always busy. So, I decided that all these lights, festivities, and joy on Christmas Eve is actually for me! Since I created this belief for myself at the sweet age of 9, my birthday has been magical to me ever since. So, in honor of all the holidays and my birthday, I dedicate this blog to us – Christmas and Birthday puzzles! 

We have already established the fact that there is a puzzle for literally any and every occasion. When I decided to cover the Christmas and Marwa’s Birthday topic, I was overwhelmed by all the options! I wanted them all! Since that’s not feasible, I narrowed it down to two of my favorites – One for Christmas and one for my birthday.  

Let’s start with Christmas. One of my favorite brands to puzzle is Re-Marks. Fun fact: Re-Marks was the second puzzle brand I ever did when I started my puzzling journey! I have loved them ever since, and I make it a point to try to do at least one puzzle from that brand a year. So, this year, I chose Christmas Carols  by Re-Marks and boy was it fun! 

Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols by Re-Marks

Most of these Christmas Carols are catchy and beloved by so many, and I kept finding myself humming them as I put the sections together. From Frosty the Snowman to Santa Claus is Coming to Town, not a dull moment was spent putting this nostalgic beauty together. Plus, if you have read any of my blogs or follow me on Instagram (if you don’t you really should!) then you’ll know my all-time favorite style to puzzle is collages. My neat freak must-organize-everything brain just enjoys the ease and mental relaxation of puzzling collage images. 

If you love this Christmas Carol puzzle and want to do another by Re-Marks then might I suggest another favorite of mine? This one is called Holiday Books and you guessed it! It’s another nostalgic going-down-memory-lane collage of popular Christmas book covers, and it is so incredibly sweet.   

Holiday Books

Holiday Books by Re-Marks

Now for the moment we have been all waiting for… My birthday puzzle! How cute are all these cakes?! 

Fancy Cakes

Fancy Cakes by MasterPieces

This sugary sweet puzzle is called Fancy Cakes by Masterpieces and it was the funnest puzzle to put together! I love this one because the pieces are big, and it made it easy for my younger son to do it with me. It wasn’t as intimidating as the traditional sized pieces for him, so it made it a fun mother-son bonding activity to do together. We discussed which cake I would choose if I could have any of these cakes for my birthday, and I chose this colorful beauty… I love the paint splashes and it just looks so unique and fun.

Fancy Cakes


There are so many gorgeous Christmas and birthday themed puzzles on the Puzzle Warehouse website and I highly suggest you give them a look. What are your favorite Christmas puzzles you’ve done? Do you ever do special images for your birthday? As much as I love puzzles and want to know everything there is to know about them, I have a much more pressing question to ask… who shares a Christmas Eve birthday with me? Share anything and everything with me down below in the comment section. I love to know what your favorites are!  


Happy puzzling!



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Stacy Adams - Becker, MN

How fun are these- I love both of those Christmas puzzles- that cake one is SO busy and I'm deff a fan of busy! Happy Birthday!!

5 Stars
Myrna M. - Central Islip, NY

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