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“Hello! The Party’s Here!” - Snooki - Colorcraft Puzzle Review

Hello new friends! I'm excited to be here and share a glimpse into my puzzle obsessed mind. I’m Jenn aka PuzzleKnucks and I have been puzzling for as long as I can remember, waaaaay back in the late 1900’s for sure. Writing to you from the Puzzle Piazza, my oasis away from the real world, or Puzzle Warehouse Florida! OK, so my room isn’t quite as big as Puzzle Warehouse, but sometimes I feel like I have enough puzzles to open my own store. My fave puzzle subjects are vibrant, rainbowy, fun or quirky subject matter and designs, but I’ve tried all sorts from landscapes to portraits, to 3D and 2D shaped puzzles and everything in between. Always keeping an eye out for something new, fun, and interesting to challenge the brain. 

Today I’m bringing you a super bright and fun puzzle from Colorcraft Puzzles. I’ve done a couple Colorcraft in the past, but they’ve released a bazillion new puzzles this year, with amazing designs, new packaging, and even better piece feel than before. Coming in at 1000 pieces, Crispy Frosted Goodness is a stunner! The background gives 90’s afternoons at The Max vibes, with all the sprinkles, frosting, chocolate, and candies you could possibly want on the wafer cookies of the main design.  

This 19.7” x 27.6” (50cm x 70cm) ribbon cut ditty has interlocking pieces of slightly varied shapes, which aren’t the best at holding together while moving small sections, but it did pass the puzzle pickup test when complete. Multiple different types of sprinkles allows for sorting by the textures, or plenty of color to allow for sorting by color. Feeling ambitious? Don’t sort at all! 

I sorted about 50% of the puzzle before diving into assembly mode. Each of the treats are approximately 12 pieces each (for a full one, not one on the edge), but because they are displayed on an angle, it keeps you on your toes for making sure you’ve found all the parts of that specific snack piece. The pieces are thick, comparable to a Ravensburger or a Cobble Hill. Minimal puzzle dust, which is great for me, but my Ladybug desk vacuum wasn’t happy about her night off. 

Not a fan of 1000 piece puzzles, or don’t have that much time to commit to puzzling? Guess what, there are 500 piece versions of many designs too. Colorcraft feels like a company made by puzzlers, that really gets what a puzzler is into and wants to see. The goldilocks packaging is uniform, and just the right size, not too much excess space, but not too small that the puzzle doesn’t fit back into the packaging. 

This is one of many bright and shiny wonderful designs from Colorcraft. You like rainbows? They’ve got it. Food? Got it. Landscapes? Yep. Collage? Got some of those too. Adorable kittens? Oh yeah, Colorcraft has you covered.  

Beautiful Breakfast | Colorcraft | 1000

Bridge to Old Europe | Colorcraft | 1000

Kittens and Butterflies | Colorcraft | 500 (also comes in 1000)

Cupcake Rainbow | Colorcraft |1000

I’m a happy camper with this and can’t wait to try another from the new line. I look forward to seeing what you try, and for diving into the next joyful design on my own!  I think I’m feeling Sewing a Rainbow… 

Thanks for coming along on the journey, catch you on the flip side!

-Jenn / @Puzzleknucks

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Diane B. - Jonesboro, AR

This makes me excited to try ColorCraft! I have one in my ridiculous "to do" pile.

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