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Brand Comparison: Soonness

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Last Updated On: February 15, 2022

Summary: Canadian artist Soon creates all of her puzzles with a positive message inside the box. She enjoys spreading positivity through her puzzles. Her puzzle pieces are thick and sturdy, with a beautiful matte linen finish, and an incredibly tight fit. You will be able to move both small and large sections around with ease. The puzzle box is sturdy, with part of the image on the front, the full image on the back, and a resealable plastic bag for your puzzle pieces.

Image Categories: Cartoon and gradient

Key Facts:

Cut: Ribbon cut with varrying piece shapes

Front Finish: Linen     

Piece Backing: Plain chipboard

Piece Thickness: 2mm or 0.078in

Puzzle Dust Level: Low

Piece Fit: You can move small sections around easily, and the entire finished puzzle can be picked up easily. There are little to no false fits.

Piece Counts Offered: 1000

Packaging: Boxes are Square and come in shrinkwrap. Pieces come in a resealable plastic bag 

Box Bonuses: Reference poster and small postcard included

What Comes in the Box

Example of Piece Shapes

Front and Back of Box

Sides of Box

Completed Puzzle Image

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