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We all have our favourite puzzle styles. Personally, I tend to love whimsical art styles, pretty colours and fun cartoon style images. I’ve done a lot of browsing of the Puzzle Warehouse range over the last few months and there was one particular puzzle that kept catching my eye, even though it didn’t fall into the usual categories of what I look for in a puzzle.

Words Have Power | Gibbs Smith | 1000 pieces

“Words Have Power” is a very bold puzzle by Gibbs Smith with a bold statement of text emblazoned across it. There’s nothing pretty about it, but with the message it’s trying to convey, pretty would be out of place. As I was building this, I was quite enjoying all of the little details that I just hadn’t noticed because I originally didn’t look past the colour splash and the statement.

There’s a lot vintage typewriters done in the line-work art style, which were super fun to put together. My favourite part however was the more subtle text through the middle of the puzzle. “Everyone has a story.”, “Tell your Story.” and “Note to self” were just a few of the statements throughout the puzzle.

I have a tendency to “tune out” while I’m puzzling. Whilst building this puzzle though, I actually found myself thinking about the message this puzzle was made to express. It made me think about choosing words carefully, as well as expanding my own vocabulary to use my words more powerfully. I’ve never had an experience quite like it with a puzzle and it added a whole new level to the more familiar puzzle build. I’ve now officially added statement puzzles as a category that I like when choosing future puzzles!

After completing this puzzle, it made me think about what other puzzles are available that can provide me with further “food for thought” while I puzzle.  Here are some of my favourites from the Puzzle Warehouse range:

Puzzle of Positivity | Gibsons | 1000 pieces

“The Puzzle of Positivity” by Gibsons is a popular puzzle. There’s a lot to love with this design. It has vibrant colours, cute characters and plenty of positive statements. I’m sure you’ll find at least one will resonate with you!

Unicorn | Clementoni | 500 pieces

This fun 500 piece puzzle is called “Unicorn” and is by Clementoni.  “Sparkle wherever you go” is the statement on this puzzle and I love that it reminds you that you have something to offer and you can make an impact on places and people.

Cottage Core | Lang | 1000 pieces

Finally we have “Cottage Core” by Lang.  As the saying goes, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” and this puzzle is such a good reminder that a simple smile has the power to lift your own spirits as well as that of the person you give your smile to. It’s the simplest form of kindness and is truly magical.

Until next time, keep smiling!

Rell @relishpuzzles

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