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Stay Cozy with Ravensburger

Hi all! My name is Gail and I’m thrilled to be a 2023 Puzzle Warehouse Ambassador! By day I write about science, but my evenings are usually filled with diamond painting, paper crafts, and of course lots and lots of puzzles! 

I currently live in Pennsylvania, so this time of year is what I think of as peak blanket season. At home, I am sure to be found under a fuzzy blanket with tea or hot chocolate in hand. Of course, blankets also act as a beacon to my two small dogs, so I’m always guaranteed to have at least one puzzle buddy this time of year. Here they are helping me with Ravensburger’s You Wild Animal (1000 pieces), deciding who will win the coveted blanket-lap combo.

As part of my attempts to stay cozy this winter, I’ve dug into the Cozy series by Ravensburger. I enjoyed some of the earlier puzzles in this line and was excited to come across several more this year. I always find myself relating to the folks whose hands are pictured in this series, usually with a good book, and surrounded by animals. 

I recently picked up Cozy Cabin (1000 pieces), a wonderful addition to the series with a welcoming fireplace, some treats, and of course plenty of pets. Oddly, it may be the only one in the series that doesn’t include a person’s hands in the image! But that did not impact my enjoyment.

I admit that Ravensburger is one of my favorite brands, and, after coming back to the brand after several months, I was reminded why. The piece quality is really superb, and the grid cut is one of my favorites. Heck, I even like the smell! I continued my cozy adventure with a trip to the Cozy Cabana (500 pieces). The lights and ocean waves make for such a compelling scene. 

Next, I ventured into the Cozy Bathroom (500 pieces), and how could anyone argue with that view? I know it’s only a few weeks into the new year, but who else is ready for a vacation!? Somehow a bubble bath staring at my off-white walls with a dog pining at the door isn’t quite the same.

And while it isn’t officially in the series, I consider Puzzler’s Place (750 large pieces) to be an honorary member. I mean, this idyllic scene of a puzzler’s desk, surrounded by a warm fireplace and pets looks fantastically cozy to me.

I am hoping to pick up a few other members of the Cozy series in the future, including Cozy Kitchen (750 large pieces). Who could deny that array of cookies?

I also have Cozy Backyard Bliss (750 large pieces) on my wish list, and it definitely has me dreaming of summer.

But until those warmer days, I’ll continue to stay wrapped up in my blankets with my pups and puzzles. For my fellow puzzlers in the northern hemisphere, good luck in your pursuits to stay cozy through the next few months!!

- Gail, @jiggies_and_gems

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