Puzzle of the Month Club

How it Works

When you join the Puzzle of the Month Club at Puzzle Warehouse, you'll receive a new jigsaw puzzle every month as long as your membership is active. Chosen by our staff, we work hard to to find a puzzle for each month of the year that is new, exciting, and challenging - based on the difficulty level you prefer: 300, 500, or 1000 pieces.

All puzzles are selected from top brands like SunsOut, Buffalo Games, and Master Pieces, and include the most popular themes we think any adult puzzler would love (never too juvenile, feminine, or masculine).

Wait, there's more!

You're buying more than just a puzzle when you join the Puzzle of the Month Club - you'll also get FREE shipping on any orders placed during your membership! Combine any orders placed during the month with your puzzle of the month shipment and get free shipping, no minimum order required!

This offer only applies to the Continental United States*

You're in control.

A week before shipping, we will notify you by e-mail of the puzzle chosen for delivery. Don't like what we've selected for you? No problem! Simply contact us to switch it out for a puzzle of your choice from the Swap Options link in your e-mail notification. Didn't swap in time? Don't worry - any unopened puzzle is still always covered by our 365-day return policy.


Visit our Puzzle of the Month FAQ to see other commonly asked questions about this program!

Want a printable gift certificate with the activation code to give as a gift?  E-mail here with your order number and request - we can send you one within 24 hours.

Upgrade to Premium

Premium Memberships now available with even more variety - puzzles selected from over 80 great brands in piece counts 300, 500, 550, 750 and 1000.

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