Puzzles for Ages 11-12

Auction House & Stores Landmarks 3D Puzzle
93 Pieces

Auction House & Stores

Badlands and Sky Waters Geography Jigsaw Puzzle
1000 Pieces

Badlands and Sky Waters

Bavarian Castle Landscape Jigsaw Puzzle
1000 Pieces

Bavarian Castle

Best of Europe (Suitcase) Europe Collectible Packaging
1000 Pieces

Best of Europe (Suitcase)

Big Ben London 3D Puzzle
890 Pieces

Big Ben

Brooklyn Bridge Bridges Jigsaw Puzzle
1000 Pieces

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Bridges Jigsaw Puzzle
4000 Pieces

Brooklyn Bridge

Chrysler Building Cities Panoramic
1000 Pieces

Chrysler Building

Corner Savings Bank Landmarks 3D Puzzle
94 Pieces

Corner Savings Bank

Eiffel Tower (Gold) Eiffel Tower Crystal Puzzle
96 Pieces

Eiffel Tower (Gold)

Eiffel Tower - Flag Edition Europe 3D Puzzle
216 Pieces

Eiffel Tower - Flag Edition

Empire State Building Landmarks 3D Puzzle
975 Pieces

Empire State Building


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