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IT Chapter Two, Aquarius Puzzle Review

My Rating  9/10

BOO! Did I scare you, well probably not, but I know the puzzle I picked for you this month will for sure. “IT CHAPTER TWO”, by Aquarius will definitely give all my fellow Jigsaw Junkies a fright. Who says we have to wait until October for some creepy horror film puzzles. I say to all you Jigsaw Junkies who love Halloween and scary movies as much as I do, that any time of year is the right time of year for scary horror movie puzzles. What could be scarier than, Pennywise, the dancing clown. This isn’t just any scary movie, “IT Chapter Two” is a 2019 American supernatural horror film and the sequel to the 2017 remake film “IT. Both of these films are based on the 1986 novel by Stephen King. The original, “IT”, movie aired in November of 1990 on ABC as a two-part psychological horror drama miniseries, directed by Lawrence D. Cohen. So I know all you Stephen King fans will truly enjoy this puzzle. A little history about the movie, every 27 years evil or more specifically, “Pennywise”, revisits the town of Derry, Main. “IT CHAPTER TWO”, brings the characters back together as adults nearly three decades after the creepy events of the first movie. This iconic film is a must see for every Stephen King fan. This puzzle will make a great addition to your “IT” memorabilia collection. This puzzle which is designed by, Aquarius”, is 100% licensed merchandise and is officially authorized by Warner Brothers. What a perfect gift this would make for “IT” horror fans. I for one as I mentioned in my previous reviews, will be gluing and framing this puzzle as a gift for my daughter who is a serious horror film fan. This puzzle framed would make a great addition to your Halloween décor, or a wonderful addition to your movie viewing room décor as well. Why not display the box on a coffee table. There are so many possibilities. This puzzle surely will make a great conversation piece.

Box Quality: 10/10

The box itself measures 8″ x 10″. The front of the box shows the complete image, the title as well as the piece count, which is 500 pieces, the “Aquarius” logo and the dimensions of the finished puzzle which is 14″x 19″, 35cm x 48cm. On all four sides of the box you will find the image, as well as the “Aquarius” logo. The piece count is found on only three sides of the box, as well as a photo of the actual piece size. There is nothing included inside the box other than the bag of pieces. The bottom of the box shows a smaller image of the puzzle, the piece count, the logo, title, as well as a photo of the actual piece size. The box is well made and sturdy. It is a smaller box which always helps with storage. The box has the same gloss finish as the puzzle itself which would display nicely as mentioned earlier.

IT Chapter Two | 500 Pieces

Image: 10/10

I have no problem giving this image the highest rating. Even though the image is dark the use of shadows and the reflection of light used enhances the image in all the right places. You get just enough visual of Pennywise the clown’s face in the shadows and just enough reflection to radiate his pure evil intent. His eyes glowing in the darkness of this image will send a chill up your spine for sure. His red hair a blaze with the light shining through pronouncing hues of orange, red and yellows leaves nothing to the imagination. The faintly scratched words “COME HOME”, illuminated in the light as Pennywise awaits his next victims is petrifying to say the least. The details of the clown’s costume is not lost in the darkness. The trim and the detailed stitching of the costume as well as the ruffle is accented in the shadows. The title “IT”, that seems to be scorched in blood adds the finishing touch of drama and horror to this image. The image has a fabulous gloss finish that highlights the use of light and shadows in this image.

IT Chapter Two | 500 Pieces

Puzzle Quality 10/10

The Aquarius promise is very simple. They stand behind their products 100%. They promise top quality merchandise and I must say they do deliver on that promise. The quality of this puzzle is top notch. The image reproduction is excellent. The cut of the puzzle was perfect, absolutely no fraying and the backing is solid. They use precision cutting techniques that leave virtually no dust behind. They use thick quality paper that is glare free. This image has a high gloss finish. The puzzle pieces are solid with just the right amount of density so that there is no bending of the pieces as you handle them. There were no raised edges when I completed the puzzle. For all these reasons I can without hesitation give the puzzle quality the highest rating.

Assembly 9/10

Like me I am sure many of you don’t enjoy a loose fit when puzzling. As a matter of fact loose fitting pieces are my biggest pet peeve. That being said “Aquarius” loses a point here. The piece interlock is not as tight as I would like it. It wasn’t the worst I have experienced but nevertheless it was a loose fit. That being said you must use care when moving small groups of assembled pieces because they will separate if you’re not careful. I am happy to say that the loose fit was my only issue with the assembly of this puzzle. To start the image on the box matches the image reproduction perfectly, this always makes assembly so much more enjoyable. When the image your assembling doesn’t match the image on the box you will waste so much time looking for the wrong shades of color. This can be frustrating to say the least.  I can assure you that will not be the case here. The color reproduction is perfect in this puzzle. What I really enjoyed with this puzzle is the odd shapes of the pieces as well as the knobs. Spoiler alert: the odd shape pieces makes assembly here that much easier. Don’t let the darkness of this image throw you because the dark areas are really different hues of dark greens and browns and  burgundy and so it is a lot easier to find the right piece than you would imagine. I had no pieces that seemed to fit in the wrong spot at all. I began with the border first. I started on the face right away just because I found it so interesting. I then began working on the title as well as the clown’s costume and then worked my way up to the top of the puzzle. As I mentioned, the oddly shaped pieces and knobs will really help you when you have a hard time finding a certain piece. I would rate this puzzles’ difficulty as moderate. I completed this puzzle in about three hours. I really enjoyed assembling this puzzle, it was relaxing and intriguing at the same time. I hope you guys get a kick out of this one too. It’s spooky and creepy and a lot of fun. Remember piece by piece and you will be on your way.


You simply must add “Aquarius” puzzles to your collection. They are so much fun. You will find just about any pop culture characters, movies as well as T.V. shows you can imagine. If you’re a Star Trek fan, Spiderman, Mr. Rodgers, Elf, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Marvel, it’s all there. Check out Aquarius at. They carry something for everyone. Top quality puzzles that won’t disappoint. Get in on this fun and add them to your wish list, and enjoy!

Marvel Spider-Man | 500 Pieces
Johnny Cash | 500 Pieces

Happy Puzzling, Jigsaw Junkies!

Donna C.

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