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Challenge desired? Areaware has a gradient for that.

This week I had a need for color. We had just had about four straight days of rain and I needed a punch of chroma! I dug into my increasing crowded puzzle closet determined to find something to combat my dreary days. Behold! There it was, carefully organized next to……I’m kidding, it wasn’t organized. In fact, my search inadvertently triggered an epic puzzlanche that nearly buried me. However! I emerged from my cave of dissectology with my prize in hand: Areaware’s Gradient Puzzle (Pink/Blue)Areaware is a pretty cool company. They make an awesome bunch of puzzles and also random knick knacks for your home and office. Their gradients come in sizes 100, 500, and 1000. They also come in colors Red/Yellow, Green/Yellow, Blue/Green and Black/White. The 100 piece ones are a great starter if you are nervous about doing a gradient.

Areaware Pink/Blue Gradient

So, if you’ve followed me at all on here or on Instagram, you know my deep seated hatred of sorting. I despise all manner of sorting. Here is my method: dump out pieces, flip over, put edges in one box top, put all puzzle pieces in my super klassy, thrifted tray (with the hand holes covered with painter’s tape), commence puzzling. Some people are horrified at my actions. They probably see it as unrefined chaos, but it works for me, so I do it. EXCEPT, except for gradients. I always sort my gradients and I hate every minute of it. But Gaby, why sort if it makes you more miserable? I don’t know! I just do it! I never said it was logical. Maybe it’s because I love the challenge of being able to sort all the colors correctly. When I sort a gradient accurately and there’s a finished row or column when the colors start to shift, I feel like I leveled up. What can I say? I’m pretty proud of my color perception. Here is how I sorted this gradient…


As you can see, I don’t always sort, but when I do, I become entirely too anal retentive and take it waay too far. That is 6 trays (not including the edges) for 3 colors. I probably could have sorted down further, a sortception if you will? But I decided to stay put.

As always, edge first! This was pretty straightforward. The puzzle is a standard grid cut, but the nibs and holes are varied enough that there wasn’t a big issue with placing a piece incorrectly. After I finished the edge, I started at the top with pink and moved down the puzzle.

Pink done

Starting into the blue
Still working on blue

The color changes from pink to purple to blue were pretty easy, and then I hit the blue wall. This was a little more difficult and I decided to resort by shape. It took me a little longer than the prior section, but I was still able to complete the puzzle in about two days.

I really enjoyed the quality of this puzzle. The pieces are nice and chonky and super well made. The thickness came in at 2.1mm, which is above average. The colors are gorgeous and so incredibly vivid! These are the colors you imagine when you close your eyes and think pink or blue. Hilariously enough, the box is the real star behind this puzzle. The design is so sleek and gorgeous. Just think how beautiful they would all be lined up on your shelf? Absolutely gorgeous.

Areaware also puts out some pretty neat art puzzles if gradients aren’t your pleasure. As it turns out, Puzzle Warehouse is running a sale and the Areaware puzzles are up to 47% off!

Puzzle in Puzzle: Seesaw | 500 Pieces | Areaware
Puzzle in Puzzle: Spring | 500 Pieces | Areaware

Happy Puzzling!

-Gaby @puzzlepastime

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