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Puzzles are Definitely Metal (and 3D)

Hello Puzzle People! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. I had a blast and spent the day with good friends, good food and amazing pyrotechnics. I took the next day off for a little self care and much hydration and debated what puzzle I would do for this blog. The answer came soon enough in the form of my extremely agitated eldest born, who insisted I finally put his metal sculpture together. Alright, I said, but not today, Mommy needs some sleep. Anyways, I present to you, my first ever metal 3D puzzle, the Millennium Falcon by Metal Earth! I had seen these puzzles a lot on the puzzle Warehouse site, but I had never considered getting one as I am a strictly 2D kind of gal. However, my eldest was creeping over my shoulder while I was browsing and the rest, as they say, is history.

The puzzle (model?) comes in a cardboard envelope (pardon the tear, like I said, my kid was VERY excited to have me put it together). Inside was a sheet of instructions and two metal sheets of pieces.

I have to admit, I was a tad intimidated at first. The instructions seems like A LOT and the pieces were so tiny! What was this, a model for ants?? But seriously, could you imagine a tiny Chewie? Adorable. I read the instructions all the way through and gathered some supplies. They suggested needle nose pliers and tin snips, but all your girl had were nail scissors and tweezers, so it was what it was. Puzzle Warehouse does carry metal puzzle toolby Metal Earth, so if you decide that you are going to do these types of puzzles a lot, I highly recommend you get them.

SO, like I said, I read the instructions very carefully first, and then laid everything out. There was a high probability that I would lose my place, so I decided that I would cross off every piece on the instructions when I pulled it off the sheet. This worked out very well for me. The pieces join together by tab and slot. There were two methods for joining, either bending the tabs 90 degrees or twisting them 90 degrees. This is where the tweezers definitely came in handy.

If you are looking for a new challenge, I highly recommend a metal puzzle! It will absolutely make you think differently than a 2D one and give your brain a nice workout. Puzzle Warehouse has a bunch of metal puzzles in stock and they’re all pretty cool.

That’s all for me in this installment of Jigsaw Junkies! See you next time!


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