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Summer Puzzles on the Beach

There are 2 kinds of nature lovers: mountain lovers and beach lovers. I’m a beach gal. Maybe it’s because I’m a summer birthday and water sign ♋️🦀  Maybe it’s because I grew up swimming and playing water polo. Regardless, the beach brings me peace and happiness. So it’s no surprise, as summer peaks, I gravitate towards beach puzzles! 

This summer I chose a couple beach scenes that are similar in their stripes and geometric patterns for my puzzle of the month subscription picks.  I loved this Gibson panoramic puzzle Italian Riviera by artist Bethany Lord. The teal mosaic-style water and the colorful beach umbrellas sucked me right in. 

Italian Riviera puzzle

The collage puzzle Bathing Beauties by artist Paul Thurlby was so stunning I’m considering piecing it together again and framing it. Blue and white striped towels and sun hats called to me first, but the red and orange panel at the top ended up being my favorite! The lane lines brought back bittersweet memories of swim practice.

Bathing Beauties puzzle

While I do have my favorite brands, I love puzzling a variety of brands, and trying new brands, so I’d like to highlight some other fun beach-themed puzzles I’ve completed in the last month as well.  Beachtime Camper from the Vermont Christmas Company was a super colorful, whimsical hippie fun time! The brand offers so much more than just Christmas puzzles, but I’ve especially enjoyed some of their holiday themed images. Just wait ‘til Halloween!

Beachtime Camper puzzle


Another solid brand is Dowdle. The puzzle Surfing Around the World was a really fun random-cut puzzle full of facts! It talks about surfing in Hawaii, California, Brazil, Australia and even Ireland. I had no idea the shores of Bundoran, Ireland are known as a surfers “cold water Eden” for the nearly constant waves.

Surfing Around the World puzzle


Tiki Island featured the vibrant colors of Kodak and had me craving mai tais and colorful sunsets in Hawaii. It was a breeze at 350 pieces. The perfect “puzzle snack”

Tiki Island puzzle

And finally Masterpieces Beach Side Gear was another fun puzzle that brought me straight to a beach town. Oh, to be among the surfboards, sunglasses, flip flops, bathing suits, kites, and seashells! That’s the life for me!

Beach Side Gear puzzle


That’s all I have for now, but in the making of this blog post I’ve added many new puzzles to my wish list, to puzzle before summer is over, or to save for next summer!  I’ve got my eyes on some shaped puzzles by SunsOut! There are so many to choose from but my favorite is the shaped Sand Castle puzzle by Lori Schory, with bonus hidden items within the image!

Sand Castle puzzle

And finally Ravensburger The Beach Hut is one I will try to speed puzzle in the coming month, in preparation of the World Jigsaw Puzzle championships, but did not get to in time for the writing of this post!

The Beach Hut puzzle

I hope you are finding some time to puzzle this summer, and I look forward to bringing you another blog next month! 


Alyssa @puzzlesatoz

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Tamara Essler - Santa Clarita

I love it, Alyssa! It brings to mind that I mostly enjoy puzzles with Mountain View’s having spent most of my life on California. When I was young I took up oil painting and again, mostly scenery with mountains. Puzzling to me is like painting a picture!

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