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May the 4th Be With You - Happy Star Wars Day!

Today is the day Star Wars fans wait for all year long…and it's finally here! May the 4th be with you. The day where we can nerd out and wave our Rebellion or Empire flags. Are you on the light side or dark side? Are you into the original Star Wars or the newer ones? Are you a fan of the Disney+  Mandalorian or Boba Fett series? Do you still call him Baby Yoda? Or are you a rule follower and call him by his name - Grogu? When it comes to Star Wars, there are no rules. Just passion and extreme fandom!

If you remember from the last blog, I told you my household loves all things superheroes. Star Wars though, that is on a whole other level. Star Wars is life in this house! My children, husband, my friends, my brothers, literally my everybody loves Star Wars with a passion that is boundless. Secret time though, I am not an avid fan. I respect Star Wars and the passion it evokes, but I don’t know. It doesn’t do it for me. I finally watched all the movies so I could bond over it with my boys, but nothing sparked. I have to admit though, I do love watching my boys appreciate and geek out over all things Star Wars. So because of that, I am a fan and will support the Star Wars franchise until the end of time. Starting with Star Wars puzzles!

I absolutely LOVE puzzling Star Wars images. Go figure! They’re so fun and detailed. Like this one my younger son chose by Buffalo Games called Comic Pinball Art. It is a 400 piece family style puzzle which my boys and I love doing together! This one we separated the pieces - big, medium, small - and split them between the three of us and puzzled it within a couple of hours. So much fun! 

Star Wars Pinball Art puzzle

Comic Pinball Art by Buffalo Games

Another favorite of ours is the comic book style image, which we also did for National Superhero Day (you can read it here Superhero Day). My older son chose this one, also by Buffalo, called The Fate of the Galaxy At Stake. He announced that he will be doing it alone and wants no help whatsoever. And he did it! He absolutely loved it and asked me to order more, which I happily agreed to. Who am I to deny another puzzle purchase?!

Star Wars puzzle

The Fate of the Galaxy At Stake by Buffalo Games

 Now, if you have been following along with my blogs, you’d know right away what my favorite time of the year is… yes! Christmas is my absolute favorite time. Naturally, I had to find myself a Christmas Star Wars puzzle so I could lure the boys to puzzle with me during the most wonderful time of the year. Behold this cuteness!  

Galaxy's Greetings puzzle

Galaxy's Greetings by Buffalo Games

Don’t be shocked, but this is yet another Buffalo puzzle in 500 pieces called Galaxy's Greetings. It was so much fun to put together and its cuteness is unparalleled. Fun Fact, this image also comes in 100 pieces. Which I think could be fun to puzzle side by side with your tiny human - puzzle play date! Ok but seriously, isn’t baby Yoda’s face just the cutest?! Yes, I am team calling him Baby Yoda, and not Grogu. It is what it is. Just go with it. 

Christmas Yodo

I am going to switch gears here and fly you back in time over to a good friend's blog. Alyssa, a fellow Puzzle Warehouse blogger and Star Wars fan, who did a blog on 3D puzzles, and she chose a Mandalorian head and put it together with her kids. It is literally the coolest thing ever! Give it a read over here Mandalorian Helmet and enjoy the pictures of HER tiny humans puzzling with her.

3D Mandalorian Helmet

Mandalorian Helmet by 4D Cityscape

I’ll leave you with one last Marwa favorite type of puzzle - mini and/or small count puzzles. When I need a quick mental health break, or I just need a puzzle adrenaline kick but don’t have time for a large piece count puzzles, I love doing 100 piece puzzles. It tides me over until I have time to puzzle the bigger ones. There are so many 100 piece Star Wars images to choose from! One of my favorites is the Star Wars X-Wing Assault and yes, you guessed it, it's by Buffalo. 


Insert Pic6MayThe4thBeWithYou2024 here

Star Wars 100 piece puzzle

Star Wars X-Wing Assault by Buffalo Games

I would just like to take a moment and express why I love the Buffalo brand so much. Between this blog and last months, you can see how versatile their collection is. From images, to piece counts, piece shapes, sizes and style, to quality and price point, they really are all inclusive in everything! Whatever it is you’re into whether it's puzzling food, collages, pop culture, Star Wars, Avengers, or Pokeman they have an image, piece count and options for you at a really good price and solid quality. It really is a go to brand for me and my family.    

PuzzleWarehouse has such good options to choose from! Are you a Star Wars fan? How will you be celebrating May 4th? I know I’ll be doing more Star Wars puzzles with my kids while watching their favorite movies. It's a family tradition! As always, don’t forget to tell me everything in the comments! I love hearing from you all.


Happy Star Wars Day!



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Alyssa Z. - Stevenson Ranch, CA

Yesss my boys love everything Star Wars!!! May the 4th be with you!

5 Stars
Tess Payne - Canyon Cntry

Awesome review! That first puzzle is glorious! Happy Star Wars Day! 💫

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