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Educa Jigsaw Puzzles

Educa Borras has a history as far back as 1894 when Borras Plana was founded. Today, their products are distributed in over 75 countries internationally. From the beginning, through the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of their products, Educa Borras pulls out all stops to ensure they create excellent products with the consumers' needs in mind. In addition, Educa Borras offers unique services any consumer may need. For example, their Lost Pieces Service provides replacement puzzle pieces, so even if a piece is lost, puzzlers may finish their art. The Educa brand in and of itself is a guarantee of quality. Quality is one of the key attributes associated with their products. 90% of their products are manufactured in their facilities in Sant Quirze del Vallés, Barcelona. They undergo strict quality controls and use top-shelf, renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials. Educa jigsaw puzzles' high quality, specialized material guarantees a flawless fit between puzzle pieces and creates virtually no puzzle dust. They also include glue with every 500 to 2000 piece puzzle so that you can preserve your finished work.

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