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Kirkwood Puzzle Warehouse Store

At Puzzle Warehouse, we have been shipping jigsaw puzzles all over the world through our online store since 2003. Seven years later, we finally opened our doors to the public in the St.Louis area with our brand new Kirkwood puzzle retail store. With over 4,000 square feet of retail area, stacked up ceilings with more than 12,000 jigsaw puzzles of all shapes and sized including a children's, brain teasers and board game section. From fine-art prints and beautifully crafted wooden puzzles to goofy puppies and majestic unicorns - if you think of it, we have a puzzle of it. Other stores in St. Louis may have a small selection of jigsaw puzzles but nowhere else you will be able to find the vast variety in themes, brand names, sizes and skill levels that we have.

You absolutely must come out and explore Puzzle Warehouse as you we are here to help you find exactly what you need. It's definitely worth the trip! Shop online and pick it up at the store.

If you need help finding our location, we made it easy with some directions from where you might be HERE

Check out what puzzles are in our store by checking online now below. Need to double-check? Contact us and we will find the product for you.


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