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2015 Puzzles: Two New Wasgij – Destiny #15 and Mystery #11

Tis the season for new puzzle releases and FIVE new Wasgij puzzles just hit the market in the UK. In addition to launching a whole NEW LINE called Imagine, which deserves it’s own post, there are two new entries in existing Wasgij series.

WASGIJ MYSTERY #11:  “Childcare!”, 1000 pieces

In the Wasgij mystery puzzles, you’re not assembling the image on the box, but rather a ‘what happened next’ scene based on the box image. This one looks like a lot of fun. A bunch of little kids playing dare devils? What could go wrong?

WASGIJ DESTINY #15:  “Shopping Shake Up!”, 1000 pieces

In the Wasgij destiny puzzles, you’re not assembling the image on the box, but rather a similar scene set in the future. In this installment we have what looks like a 1940’s or 50’s shop so the puzzle image is probably a modern day shop. Looks like fun!

These two puzzles are available right now in the UK here.  For US buyers, it usually takes about a week for the new puzzles to appear on amazon US from importers.

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