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Nostalgic 90s and Radical 80s

Remember boom boxes, walkmans, and pagers?  How about a time when Nirvana wasn’t considered Classic Rock?  I know I’m totally dating myself with this post, but I don’t care. I think that I grew up in the best era ever! Neon, fanny packs, I could go on and on. In high school, we didn’t have cell phones, we took a piece of notebook paper, wrote a note on it and folded it up in creative little ways to give to our friends. Some of the folds were so complex, too. How did we even learn all of the folds without the help of YouTube? 

I grew up in the 80s and 90s. Big hair was a thing, and I loved the grunge look. My friends and I would hang out at the mall or meet at the roller-skating rink. That was so much fun. They played the best music at the roller skating rink, too. 

Why all the reminiscing you ask? I was sitting on my laptop scrolling through puzzle heaven, I mean Puzzle Warehouse when I experienced a nostalgic moment, a major throw back if you will. I came across a couple of puzzles that instantly reminded me of the good old days. The second that I saw these I had to buy at least a couple of them, and because I have absolutely no self-control, here we are. The first one I bought was Mix Tape by Ravensburger- I just had to have it. 

It’s a smaller puzzle at a mere 200 pieces, but it just gives you that feeling like you’re back in the day. Can you believe that I still have a bag of my mixed tapes in my closet?!?  All I need a my boombox to play them. Good luck with that. I wish I still had one of those. 

Eurographics makes a larger version called Cassette Player Tin. It’s 500 pieces and even shows the one with all the plastic stuff that used to get all tangled up from the inside of the cassette (what’s that even called anyway?!?). UGH- I hated when that happened. For the record, pencils used to work really well when you had to wind that stuff back up. Just sayin'.  And you thought you were reading this merely for puzzle-related tips.

In keeping with the 80s and 90s theme, I came across this gem which has a cross between a Saved by the Bell and a Sticker Album vibe. It’s called Let the Good Times Roll by Galison. How fitting! I’m a total sucker for Galison puzzles. I love their artwork and their exceptional tight piece fit. Plus, I’m always drawn to their shaped puzzles. 

These puzzles didn’t take very long to complete, but they were so much fun. I put together the Mix Tape puzzle without looking at the box or sorting it first to help increase the challenge. Basically, I wanted to make it last longer. These are puzzles that I will be putting together again. 

If you read my last blog, you know that I grew up in New Jersey. Now, I’m not sure if it was just a Jersey thing, but in the 90’s my friends and I used a gallon of hairspray- the higher the hair the better. Don’t worry, I’m not going to include my high school picture in this post. Although, I’m sure it would make for some laughable content. And if any of your puzzle companies are reading this, how cool would it be if you made a puzzle with an image of big hair school photos?

One last thing that I have to ask. Did you collect Garbage Pail Kids cards?!? I did! They were the best. While I was in my nostalgic zone and digging into the many Puzzle Warehouse Puzzles, guess what I found?!?

Garbage Pail Kids “Palooza” is a 1,000-piece puzzled by USAopoloy- is it too good to be true? I actually found one of my old GP Kids cards in one of my drawers. No idea how I even still have it, since I’m not the most organized person. This puzzle is officially on my list of ones I have to have. There’s also this one, too.

If you like more of a collage feel, check out these: Sweet Memories of the 80s by Gibsons80s Shows by MasterPieces90s Shows by MasterPiecesThis one doesn’t specify 80s or 90s, but it gives me that vibe.

Skate Night by Buffalo Games is a 1,000 piece puzzle. I like to think of it as roller rink meets sticker album. The illustration is byAimee Stewart and there isn’t a single piece of artwork by Aimee Stewart that I don’t absolutely love. In keeping with the theme of this blog, isn’t it’s rad? It’s all that and a bag of chips! Get it?!? 

So, in honor of the good old days, turn off your ringer (no cell phones in the 80s), throw on your favorite old school movie, maybe the Breakfast Club, License to Drive, or Sixteen Candles. Put a puzzle on your TV tray (ha-ha) and pick one of these nostalgic puzzles to puzzle. But whatever you do…

Make time to puzzle!

Jaime @introvertedpuzzler

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