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If you’re reading this, it’s probably a given that you enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles. After all, you’re looking at a puzzle blog on a puzzle website, so it’s not a leap to call you a fan. And, as a fan, you likely have a favorite piece count for the puzzles you choose to do. Maybe you like them small, around 300 pieces?  CONTINUE READING

I think it's safe to say that most jigsaw solvers are familiar with Dowdle brand puzzles. Even if you haven't solved one, it's likely you've seen them online, or at any of several major retailers, where they are consistent best sellers (tens of millions sold to date). And while they may appear similar in style, each Dowdle image is a unique piece of folk art created by Lindon, Utah based artist, Eric Dowdle. CONTINUE READING

Whether you buy your puzzles online (visit Puzzle Warehouse for an amazing selection), get them as a gift, or find them in a local store, you’ll eventually find yourself at home with the box on the table and a question in your mind: Where do I begin? It’s a question every puzzler asks, and one that has almost as many answers as there are puzzles. Let's take a look at a specific product, and see how a puzzler might get started…. CONTINUE READING


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