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Stained Glass Flower Garden Flower & Garden Jigsaw Puzzle

Are you ready to experience the beauty of a garden in a whole new way? Look no further than the Stained Glass Flower Garden Jigsaw Puzzle by Goodway Puzzles! This stunning puzzle, featuring artwork by Peggy Collins, is the perfect challenge for puzzle lovers aged 11 and up. With 1000 pieces and dimensions of 20" x 27", this puzzle is sure to delight and entertain for hours on end.

But what sets the Stained Glass Flower Garden Jigsaw Puzzle apart from others is its unique theme. This puzzle is part of the Flowers & Gardens category, but with its stained glass design, it adds a whole new level of complexity and beauty. Each piece is like a work of art in itself, and when completed, you will have a masterpiece to display in your home.

Not only is the Stained Glass Flower Garden Jigsaw Puzzle visually stunning, it is also made with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and ease of use. Each piece is precision cut and fits together perfectly, making it a joy to assemble. And with its 2023 release year, this puzzle is sure to be a hot commodity among collectors and enthusiasts.

But the benefits of this puzzle don't stop there. As you work on assembling the Stained Glass Flower Garden Jigsaw Puzzle, you will experience a sense of relaxation and mindfulness. Studies have shown that jigsaw puzzles can help reduce stress and improve cognitive function, making this puzzle not just a beautiful piece of art, but also a beneficial activity for your mental health.

Overall, the Stained Glass Flower Garden Jigsaw Puzzle by Goodway Puzzles is a must-have for any puzzle enthusiast or lover of beautiful artwork. Its unique design, high quality materials, and added benefits make it a standout in the Flowers & Gardens category. Don't miss your chance to experience the beauty and relaxation of this incredible puzzle. Order yours today!

Stained Glass Flower Garden

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Made in USA

About Goodway Puzzles Stained Glass Flower Garden

  • 1000 pieces
  • Made by Goodway Puzzles
  • Completed puzzle measures 20" x 27"
  • Available online and retail

Themes: Flower & Garden

Age 11+
Artist Peggy Collins
Puzzle Type Jigsaw Puzzle
Mfg. Part Number 16022
UPC Number 655368624803
Release Year 2023
Puzzle Category Flowers & Gardens
Item Number 178445
Store Location(s) C12C

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Ratings & Reviews

Overall Quality
Good (64%)
Overall Difficulty
Expert (78%)
5 Stars
Brittany Algar - Quincy, MA
Quality: Excellent
Difficulty: Expert

Goodway puzzles are random cut jigsaw puzzles—meaning that there are puzzles pieces with flat sides that can go in the middle of the puzzle. I enjoy these types of puzzles as they are more challenging. It took me a week and a half of after work time to do this puzzle. It is hard, but I found it extremely enjoyable and the end result is stunning. Yes there is only the picture on the front of the box to go off of, but I didn’t struggle using it. Please don’t let the negative reviews sway you—I don’t believe they knew this was a random cut puzzle prior to purchasing. A fun fact is sometimes goodway puzzles include an extra piece that does not belong in the puzzle, just to mess with you.

2 Stars
Carol - Winston, OR
Quality: Good
Difficulty: Advanced

The puzzle is so beautiful that I really tried diligently to assemble it, but I had to give up after spending hours just getting most the edge done. I decided if it was not fun, there was no point in continuing. Only puzzle I've given up on. If you want a real challenge, this is for you!

1 Star
Marjie - Denver, CO
Quality: Poor

This is the first puzzle that I gave up on. The quality of the pieces are poor, they do not stay together. Very difficult to see where pieces are supposed to go. Extremely frustrated and unhappy with the puzzle.

1 Star
Clare - White Plains, NY
Quality: Poor

I have never given up on a puzzle - until now. There is no picture to go off except for the one on the box, and each of the sides of the picture is cut off, making it next to impossible to identify the edge pieces. Then there are a number of pieces within the puzzle that are uncut from each other, making assembly even harder. I definitely would NOT recommend this puzzle.

3 Stars
Donald G - Mankato, MN
Quality: Excellent
Difficulty: Expert

We have done MANY puzzles. This is probably the hardest one we tried. We couldn't even get the edge pieces connected. We normanly like deferent shaped pieces. Not with this puzzle. Definitely would not recommend.

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