Paper House Productions Puzzles

Kittens Cats Shaped Puzzle
30 Pieces


Pink Gerbera Daisy Mother's Day Shaped Puzzle
500 Pieces

Pink Gerbera Daisy

Row of Bunnies Animals Shaped Puzzle
300 Pieces

Row of Bunnies

Fire Truck Vehicles Shaped Puzzle
23 Pieces

Fire Truck

Dinosaur Dinosaurs Children's Puzzles
30 Pieces


Dollar Bill Everyday Objects Shaped Puzzle
435 Pieces

Dollar Bill

Puppies Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle
28 Pieces


Butterfly Butterflies and Insects Shaped Puzzle
371 Pieces


Butterfly Cluster Butterflies and Insects Shaped Puzzle
524 Pieces

Butterfly Cluster

Castle Castles Shaped Puzzle
30 Pieces


Elephant Jungle Animals Shaped Puzzle
370 Pieces


Labrador Puppies Dogs Shaped Puzzle
362 Pieces

Labrador Puppies

Three Kittens Shaped Puzzle
296 Pieces

Three Kittens

Where the Wild Things Are Movies / Books / TV Jigsaw Puzzle
24 Pieces

Where the Wild Things Are