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When Was The Jigsaw Puzzles Made

The jigsaw puzzle was made in 1767 as a children's educational toys. To many people's surprise, the idea began with a mapmaker named John Spilsbury, a man of many talents and trades. In the early 1760s, Mr.Spilsbury established himself as a printer of children's educational books, which we now know was going to play a massive part in jigsaw puzzle history. However, in 1767, he struck his invention of a lifetime by taking one of his maps and tracing the countries onto a piece of wood, he was able to cut them out and use them as puzzle pieces. At the time, this was a new and effective way teach children map reading skills and familiarize them with the world and all its countries. But his invention only continued to grow becoming a new fun and healthy hobby for adults, children, seniors every day!


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