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Missing a Jigsaw Puzzle Piece?

Missing a puzzle piece? We've got you covered.

The puzzle has to be worked in full before you can determine if pieces are missing!

How do I know if my puzzle is missing pieces? Sometimes we think we are missing pieces because they are just hard to find in the box or in our sorting trays, but they show up later in the process. For this reason, we ask that you work the puzzle in its entirety before deciding you have missing pieces. Counting the pieces is not an indication of missing pieces because the piece count on most puzzles is an approximate number.

It's easy to misplace a puzzle piece, so make sure you look everywhere first.

Puzzle pieces often wander off attached to a piece of clothing or by a curious pet or child. Allow a few days of searching before declaring the piece MIA! Double and triple check the packaging — it's very possible the piece could be hidden or stuck in there. Thoroughly search any rooms you used for opening, constructing, gluing, transporting or storing the jigsaw puzzle. Check under chairs, inside open garbage cans, under rugs... you never know! Lastly, make sure that all of the pieces you've placed so far belong where they are, this way you know for sure exactly what piece you're missing.

Still nowhere to be found? Don't worry, there are still options.

Just give us a call us at 866-539-4278 or use our easy contact support form for quick service.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your puzzle, you can let the manufacturer know directly.

Find the brand or manufacturer name of the puzzle and match with their contact information below. 

Still, Need Help?

Very few manufacturers have the ability to replace a missing piece. They would if they could but it is generally not possible due to how puzzles are made. If you absolutely have to have that one missing piece to finish your masterpiece, you might consider contacting the the Puzzle Doctor to have a replacement piece made for you!

Contact information for every puzzle brand: 

ManufacturerWhat To Do...

4D Cityscape

Please visit the 4D Cityscape website for assistance.
Phone: 416-410-2642
Email: information@4dcityscape.com

A Broader View

Please visit the A Broader View website for assistance.
Phone: 800-418-0108
Email: support@abroaderview.com

African American Expressions

Please visit the African American Expressions website for assistance.
Phone: 800.684.1555
Email: info@black-gifts.com


Please visit the Anatolian website for assistance.
Email: perre@perregroup.com

Andrews + Blaine

Please visit the Andrews + Blaine website for assistance.
Phone: 850.269.3328
Email: info@andrewsblaine.com


Please visit the Aquarius website for assistance.
Phone: 800-671-9136
Email: csr@nmrdist.com

Art & Fable

Please visit the Art & Fable website for assistance.
Email: artandfablepuzzleco@gmail.com


Please visit the BeginAgain website for assistance.
Phone: 970-372-0522
Email: info@beginagaintoys.com


Please visit the BePuzzled website for assistance.
Phone: 415-503-1600
Email: info@ugames.com


Please visit the Brainwright website for assistance.
Phone: 617-926-8080
Email: info@brainwright.com


Please visit the BriarPatch website for assistance.
Phone: 415-503-1600
Email: info@ugames.com

Buffalo Games

Please visit the Buffalo Games website for assistance.
Phone: 800-832-2331
Email: bgames@buffalogames.com

Cardinal Games

Please visit the Cardinals Games website for assistance.
Phone: 800-622-8339


Please visit the Ceaco website for assistance.
Phone: 617-926-8080
Email: cs@ceaco.com

Channel Craft

Please visit the Channel Craft website for assistance.
Phone: 800-232-4FUN
Email: info@channelcraft.com


Please visit the Clementoni website for assistance.
Email: assistenza@clementoni.it

Cobble Hill

Please visit the Cobble Hill website for assistance.
Phone: 250-592-7374
Email: info@cobblehillpuzzles.com


Please visit the Cra-Z-Art website for assistance.
Phone: 800-272-9278

Cubic Fun 3D

Please visit the Cubic Fun 3D website for assistance.
Email: cs@cubicfun.com


Please visit the Culturenik website for assistance.
Phone: 877-687-2579


Please visit the D-Toys website for assistance.
Phone: 877-687-2579
Email: info@cobblehillpuzzles.com


Please visit the Daron website for assistance.
Phone: 800-776-2324
Email: sales@daronwwt.com


Please visit the Dowdle website for assistance.
Phone: 801-785-1123
Email: contact@dowdlefolkart.com


Please visit the Educa website for assistance


Please visit the Eeboo website for assistance
Email: website@eeboo.com


Please visit the Falcon website for assistance.

Four Point Puzzles

Please visit the Four Points Puzzles website for assistance.
Email: hello@fourpointpuzzles.com

Geo Puzzle

Please visit the Geo Puzzles website for assistance.
Phone: 920-967-2581
Email: info@geotoystore.com


Please visit the Galison website for assistance.
Email: help@galison.com

Heritage Puzzle Inc.

Please visit the Heritage Puzzles website for assistance.
Phone: 1-888-348-3717
Email: sales@heritagepuzzle.com


Please visit the Heye website for assistance.
Email: henriette.kindervater@athesia-verlag.de


Please visit the Holdson website for assistance.
Phone: 649-828-7159
Email: admin@holdson.co.nz

Jack Pine

Please visit the Jack Pine website for assistance.
Phone: 250-592-7374
Email: info@cobblehillpuzzles.com


Please visit the Jumbo website for assistance.


Please visit the Karmin International website for assistance.
Phone: 514-685-2202
Email: puzzles@karminindustries.com


Please visit the Kodak website for assistance.
Phone: 800-272-9278

Lafayette Puzzle Company

Please visit the Lafayette website for assistance.
Phone: 800-272-9278

Lemonade Pursuits

Please visit the Lemonade Pursuits website for assistance.
Email: info@lemonadepursuits.com

Madd Capp

Please visit the Madd Capp website for assistance
Phone: 855-246-6233
Email: orderinfo@maddcappgames.com


Please visit the MasterPieces website for assistance.
Phone: 520-741-1315
Email: info@masterpiecesinc.com

Melissa & Doug

Please visit the Melissa & Doug website for assistance.
Phone: 800-718-5365
Email: Care@MelissaAndDoug.com
MIPlease visit the MI website for assistance.
Email: info@mifalls.com


Please visit the Mudpuppy website for assistance.
Email: help@mudpuppy.com

Puzzle Michele Wilson

Please email: contact@pmwd.fr for assistance

New York Puzzle Company

Please visit the New York Puzzle Company website for assistance.
Phone: 347-815-1234
Email: woops@newyorkpuzzlecompany.com

Paper House

Please visit the Paper House website for assistance.
Phone: 800-255-7316
Email: info@paperhouseproductions.com


Please visit the Piatnik website for assistance.
Phone: 431-914-4151
Email: info@piatnik.com

Pigment & Hue

Please visit the Pigment & Hue website for assistance.
Phone: 800.850.8221
Email: sales@pigmentandhue.com


Please visit the Pomegranate website for assistance.
Phone: 800-227-1428


Please visit the Purrfect website for assistance.
Email: murray@tailtengames.com

Puzzle Life

Please visit the Puzzle Life website for assistance.
Email: godper2@hanmail.net

Puzzle Twist

Please visit the Puzzle Twist website for assistance.
Email: sales@maynardsllc.com


Please visit the Ravensburger website for assistance.
Phone: 603-257-1500


Please visit the Re-Marks website for assistance.
Phone: 800-262-0923
Email: customerservice@remarks.net


Please visit the Ricordi website for assistance.
Email: info@ricordi.info


Please visit the Schmidt website for assistance.
Email: kundenservice@schmidtspiele.de


Please visit the Springbok website for assistance.
Phone: 844-204-1313
Email: info@springbok-puzzles.com


Please visit the Standout website for assistance.
SureLoxPlease visit the SureLox (TCG) website for assistance
1-877-212-3388 ext 233
Monday through Friday
9:30 am – 4:30 pm ET


Please visit the SunsOut website for assistance.


Please visit the TDC website for assistance.


Please visit the Tidemark website for assistance.
Phone: 800-338-2508


Please visit the  Tomax website for assistance.
Email: spl@tomax.hk

Vermont Christmas Company

Please visit the Vermont Christmas Company website for assistance.
Phone: 888-890-0005
Email: info@VermontChristmasCo.com


Please visit the Wellspring website for assistance.
Phone: 800-533-3561

White Mountain

Please visit the White Mountain website for assistance.
Phone: 800-548-8009
Email: info@whitemountainpuzzles.com

Willowcreek Press

Please visit the Willowcreek Press website for assistance.
Phone: 800-850-9453


Please visit the Wrebbit website for assistance.
Phone: 855-787-8842
Email: info@wrebbit3d.com

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