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When were Jigsaw Puzzles First Invented

Jigsaw Puzzles were first invented in 1767 as children's educational toys. A man of many talents and trades, named John Spilsbury was recognized with the invention of the jigsaw puzzle and still has a relevant name in the puzzle industry to this day. Mr.Spilsbury was a mapmaker, cartographer, and engraver, but by utilizing one of his many skills, he struck genius! Taking one of his maps and tracing the countries onto a piece of wood, he was able to cut them out and use them as puzzle pieces. At the time, this was a great way to teach children map reading skills and familiarize them with the world and all its countries. But children's puzzles and games continued on and are still produced all around the world, so take a look at what we have to offer if your young one needs some entertainment! 

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