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Dowdle Folk Art Jigsaw Puzzles

Dowdle Folk Art jigsaw puzzles are based on the work of Eric Dowdle himself. You can see the world through this artist's unique view in the reflection of his personal travels. Dowdle puzzles started off focusing on travel destinations and their beautiful scenery, people, and heritage but have since grown to encompass all sorts of interests and topics including art fiction, landmarks, and historical scenes. With Dowdle Fold Art Puzzles, you can truly see the utmost passion and respect put forth into each piece. Eric Dowdle truly is a living legend amongst artists and this reflects in everything he touches. His art is not a job to him, he creates what he does because he truly loves doing it. These Puzzles are of fantastic quality and craftsmanship and furthermore, Dowdle Folk Art Puzzle Company stands by each puzzle with their 'No Missing Piece" guarantee, Another interesting quality of Dowdle puzzles is that in some of his art he hides clues which are discussed on his website. You will not be disappointed in your Dowdle Folk Art purchase as these puzzles are simply beautiful. Ideal for gluing and framing as an eye-catching art piece for your home! 

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