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Impossible Jigsaw Puzzle

These are the world's most difficult and nearly impossible jigsaw puzzles. Some would say nothing is impossible at Puzzle Warehouse if you are a true jigsaw puzzle lover. But those who dare say it never heard about the Impossibles. These are not just regular puzzles, but also have a few features that make them both unique and extremely hard to assemble.  We’ll start with the obvious. The Impossibles box does not have the entire picture, but only a part of it. This will make your task a lot harder than it looks, as you won’t be able to begin assembling the old fashioned way.

But there is a lot more to it: most Impossibles jigsaw puzzles have no borders and no straight edges. Say goodbye to assembling the corners and working on from there. There are no corners, and until you’ve finished the puzzle, you won’t even know if what you did fits in the middle of the picture or not.

If that does not discourage you, we can proudly present the final impossible feature: Some have 5 extra pieces that don’t fit anywhere. And no, they are not in a separate bag, and there is no inscription saying "this does not belong here” on their back. You will have to figure that out all by yourself.

One thing you should know, though, is that with great labor comes great enjoyment. There are hidden images in the puzzles and the only one able to discover them is … you! Come to Puzzle Warehouse and find your favorite Impossible thing to do. Some boxes with 750 pieces jigsaw puzzles (plus the 5 extra pieces) are waiting to be found at amazing prices. But before you take one home, you should know what you’re getting involved in: dozens of hours of fun are not for everyone.

Check out a few crazy jigsaw puzzles below that we have carried in the past! There are thousands more throughout our ever-expanding website!

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