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Jan Van Haasteran Jigsaw Puzzles

Jan Van Haasteran Puzzles - Jan Van Haasteren was born in 1936, in Schiedam, The Netherlands. He has been creating humorous illustrations exclusively for Jumbo puzzles. His dedicated fans immediately search for his trademark – a shark fin – in each new jigsaw puzzle that comes out! Jigsaw puzzles by Jan Van Haasteran are a joy to put together!

Jan Van Haasteren creates cartoon jigsaw puzzles that are crowded, silly, and even include a secret hidden shark fin. Jan Van Haasteren puzzles on sale now! Jan van Haasteren is a comic artist who has created these crowded and funny cartoon puzzles that are very silly and enjoyable even for adults. Every cartoon he creates features a hidden shark fin, can you find it?!

View some of our past popular Jan Van Haasteren images below.

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