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Murder Mystery Puzzle Information

Some jigsaw puzzles are a lot more mysterious than others. And some are a pure mystery. This is the case with the Murder Mystery jigsaw puzzles from Puzzle Warehouse. Once you get one, you won’t be able to let it go until you finally solve it. And the task that lies ahead is not an easy one, so you’d better carefully consider what you’re about to do before embarking on such a wonderful but mysterious quest.

If we had to choose only one thing to describe the Murder Mystery series, we would say they are not just jigsaw puzzles. These are and also have stories. Of course, there’s a story behind every jigsaw puzzle, but these stories are written stories.

First, you have to read them, and only then you can begin the actual puzzle assembling. You’ll find the clues in the story, as the picture featured on the box is not the one inside. There are two types of Murder Mystery Puzzles. The first one features two 500 piece puzzles mixed in the same bag, and the second one has a 1000 pieces puzzle.

We couldn’t say which one is easier, and we couldn’t even say if easy is the right word to use when talking about a mystery. But we can and will say is that these mystery puzzles will definitely bring you dozens of hours of fun. And the best thing about them is they don’t have to be dealt with alone. Bring your friends together and spend some amazing evenings around the mystery that you’re about to solve. If you work together, as a team, you can be sure to succeed.

View some of our popular past Murder Mystery jigsaw puzzles below!


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