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Non-Interlocking Puzzles Information

Some jigsaw puzzles can be quite unusual and even challenge our ideas about how a jigsaw puzzle should and can look like. This is definitely the case with the non-interlocking jigsaw puzzles. You can find plenty of those at Puzzle Warehouse, the largest jigsaw puzzle store in the world, but before actually considering buying one, you should know what they really are and what makes them special.

The pieces of non-interlocking jigsaw puzzles do not fit together as a regular jigsaw puzzle's do. If you move one of the pieces, the others won't follow, like they would do if the puzzle was interlocking. Nothing more obvious than that. The thing about it, though, is that it doesn't make them easier to solve. On the contrary. Let's take, for example, the puzzles from Scramble Square. Each one of them only has nine square pieces. You have to arrange those into a 12" x 12" square so that the graphics on the edges of the piece match perfectly to form a completed design in every direction.

There are lots of combinations but only one solution. And it is pretty hard to find, as the pieces look alike.

The colors and shapes on the image can be quite tricky, and if you're not paying close attention to the puzzle, you might think you've assembled it when you actually didn't. Remember, you must obtain a square image, not other weird shapes, and all of the graphics on the pieces must complete each other. It's not easy at all, and it requires a lot of patience, attention, and thinking.

View some of our past popular non-interlocking jigsaw puzzles below!


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